I came in to work today, and it did not look good at all.

Ack !   Downtown has been wrecked.

Ack ! Downtown has been wrecked.

Every portal got killed.    Every single one.   Some on the periphery of Downtown survived.     Cleanup efforts began, and the ENL ran through the area AGAIN and took everything down.

There was no question about how to deal with this – of course, it would be rebuilt as soon as possible.

I tried out something different as another agent began a slow blast-and-refield walk.   I tried what I see lots of greenies do to us, drive the car through the streets of Downtown and fire bursters.   Why not ?   I have more than I can use, and somebody needs to kill off the green portals so we can refield.

I was surprised at how well it works.     Of course, I’m doing it the dangerous way, but if I drove around with a passenger agent we could be a 25-mph portal killing machine.    Add additional agents and no portal could stand in your way.    Soon enough, Downtown was free of green portals once again.

Over the course of the day, and lunch and break times, maybe four agents got the place looking like this.

Much better

Much better

Another tool in my toolbox now.    I should see about driving some agents around Burbank and burning up these tons of bursters we all seem to collect.