Well so much for my guesses.    After the revelation that a maximum of 5 key capsules can be held, I guessed that these would not be part of a store.   Then the Fevgames guys do another teardown and discover things that look like, indeed, a premium store along with a “price” for the key capsule.

If you’re wondering what a teardown means, the context makes it clear that smart guys look at the code for the game somehow.   Maybe they are decompiling the program sent to our smartphones.   Maybe they have access to the server software somehow.   Regardless, what they’re doing is enabling us to get smidgens of information more quickly.

The premium currency is apparently “Chaotic Matter”, and comes in several bundles :

  • 7,000
  • 15,000
  • 32,000
  • 90,000
  • 200,000

No info yet on how much these bundles cost.   I will make a fearless, and likely incorrect, guess as to how much this is in US Dollars :

  • 7,000 – $5
  • 15,000 – $10
  • 32,000 – $25
  • 90,000 – $50
  • 200,000 – $100

The price for a key capsule apparently is 3,700 CMU.    So you can spend a maximum of 18,500 CMU, according to what is “known now and subject to change”.   This pretty clearly means we don’t have the full story yet, since I can buy a whopping 200k of the CMU which I couldn’t use even 10% of.

And this means, if my speculated prices are right, I will need to blow $15 for 5 key capsules.


Shortly after this went up, I spotted it and started hyperventilating :

Megafield covering California

Megafield covering California

The scanner was completely green, and fearing I was under a megafield I started communicating.   But it turned out two things were going on –

  1. Ghost field.   Someone killed it pretty quick and the field was a ghost on the intel.
  2. The SCV, where I was at, showed it was covered in the scanner, but not on the intel map.
Err.... what ?   The SCV is not under the megafield, says Intel.   Scanner says,  it is.

Err…. what ? The SCV is not under the megafield, says Intel. Scanner says, it is.

Now this is weird.   I’ve seen this at a small scale, but not a huge one like this.   I started reviewing my keys to try and figure out what was going on, and I stumbled onto this one .

Nordhoff Blvd.    So the "Mystery field" was cutting across the San Fernando Valley.

Nordhoff Blvd. So the “Mystery field” was cutting across the San Fernando Valley.

Clearly, something is very glitched here.    The blue field above gone, the next day, while the glitchy green field is down.   Did the ENL throw through Los Angeles ?    Not sure.

When the scanner is glitching like this, that’s the perfect time to take advantage of the situation.   It’s not clear to me how to do it all the time, but it’s clearly an opportunity.   But not being out and about, I didn’t take advantage in any sense.

I am now pleased to be counting down the number of unique hacks I need.   Less than a hundred for gold.    I don’t expect to be in a new-portal-rich area anytime soon again, but at least each one I get now, feels very important.

1,911.   Finally less than a hundred.

1,911. Finally less than a hundred.