Marvel Heroes continues to reveal the smarts of the free-to-play model.    Like the game ?    Well, you can buy XYZ to make things a little easier/better/prettier.    And then, they have a confusing number of sales, which if you can navigate them correctly, things do not cost too much.

For example – I purchased the hero Hawkeye with real money.     The cost of “G’s”, the premium currency, is one cent apiece – 100 for $1.    You get slight bonuses all the time for buying in larger quantities.    But I bought $20 worth of G’s during the sale and got 15% more for my $20, for a total of 2415.     2415 = 120 for $1.

But that’s just the G’s.   Then they put Hawkeye on sale for 325 G’s, whereas his normal cost is 450.    At that rate, I could calculate that the cost of the “G’s” that I spent is only $2.69 compared to the normal $4.50.

I now have 13 unlocked heroes, thanks to the sale where I purchased three; and using random hero unlocks.     Today, I don’t think random hero unlocks are useful for me, but they are a good value if you have one or two and aren’t invested in getting one in particular.

The first one was a big disappointment – Venom – a villain turned hero with a gross set of powers.    I’m button-mashing this guy a little bit when I feel like it, just to get synergy bonuses.    Second one was Thor – he is a total blast, smashing that hammer around and calling down lightning.    Third was Cable, who it turns out is pretty fun especially as he got a revamp recently.

You want to look at the randoms like this, I think : There are 51 heroes in the game, and I have – X heroes.     If the percentage of heroes you have is “Low enough” then why not random one ?    If you are unlucky and get the same hero, (which I did – Mr. Fantastic now has a level 2 ultimate power) you can at least upgrade the ultimate power, which I don’t find very useful, but it’s something.

One hero – 2% chance of duplication.    10 heroes = 20% chance.    For me, currently with 13 heroes = 25% chance and therefore the randoms are not such a good deal any longer.

I have made progress with the Cosmic Midtown trial as well, with Captain America.    All the runes are added to his items, he has 10 synergies, and 700 some odd Omega points, so he’s tougher.   I also decided to change my strategy – first, I need my team up hero for DPS and running interference, and once he’s dead I’m dead really quick.   What if, instead, I put him into “away” mode ?   Now I don’t have to worry about him and he’s hopefully just as useful.

Combine this with using only two of Cap’s powers – Shield Toss, and Star Spangled Strike which is his signature move.    Combine these with his movement power, and dance in a circle around the baddies.    Medikit when necessary   What’s the result ?

I survived long enough to run out of time, while taking out maybe 18 of the enemy.   Good !    This works, but I need to be more aggressive about killing now.    A second try finally saw the Supervillians make an appearance and I lost again.    I’ll have to try one more time at some point and see if I can make it happen.

In the meantime, I’ve discovered Cosmic Terminal Runs.   What a dumbass I am sometimes – I didn’t really realize I could just try these.    The Cosmic Supervillian runs are fun and provide good gear, if you kill enough of their henchmen.    And in the meantime, I continue to accumulate as much of the various currencies as I can.

I am struggling a little with the massive number of game currencies.    Typically, I like to hoard money.    I don’t really want to SPEND it – it’s fun having a store of value.    With this many currencies, that’s not really fun, I have to remember to spend them.   So the plan with the currencies at the moment is :

  • Eternity Splinters – Well, hoard these.   900+ for the moment.   I’m considering buying another teamup.
  • Odin Marks – Holding 300 until I decide what legendary to buy for Cable.
  • Cube Shards – I’m holding a few of these and gambling with the rest, buying Fortune Cards and hoping for costumes.
  • Worldstones – Holding these for legendaries, along with multiple other possible useful things.
  • Omega Files – Still need another 1000 for the Agent Coulson teamup.
  • ARMOR drives – Costume core boxes are very useful, with +1000 defense as a bonus.
  • Hero and Protector Commendations – still working on all the Level 69 upgrade recipes.
  • Champions Commendations – I have 6.   I haven’t found the guy I spend these with yet.

Seven level 60 heroes so far, and currently leveling up Hawkeye who is surprisingly enjoyable, all the Ranger jokes notwithstanding.     Time to get back to it !