Rumors (some by me) of Ingress’ demise seem to be greatly exaggerated.

The latest teardown of the Ingress program reveals new features to be added soon.    The three things that caught my eye were

  1. A cash store.
  2. Pink Capsules.
  3. Portal Upgrades.

The childish way to look at a cash store is “Waaahhhh the game should be pure !”.    Given all the circumstances at the moment, I see the cash store as Ingress continuing as a viable game.    Let’s hope they find a way to get people to part with their money, and yet not put any heavy imbalance into the game.

If they go broke – no more Ingress.    If they overdo the “Pay To Win” – everyone leaves and no more Ingress.    I’m hoping there’s a happy medium in there that they strike.   No good information is available about the details.

The second item – possibly related to the cash store ? – is pink capsules, which apparently hold keys.    Only the capsule counts towards the inventory limit.   So you can stash your keys into one of these babies, and pick up another 99 items.    I want.   i want 5 or 6, to hold my current key stash, and then I want another 10.     Yes, I would pay cash money for these things.

The third item is some kind of portal upgrade.   Currently we have mods – modifications – that you can put on a particular portal, but this sounds like something different.    Is this also something you can buy in the store ?   Time will tell, but it sounds interesting, and at first blush not very gamebreaking assuming that whatever you buy dies when the portal is taken by the enemy.    If it’s a defensive item, that could very easily be gamebreaking, but things to do with hacking; portal power; link range – that would be pretty nice.

It’s all rumor at the moment, but the new version – 1.83 – should be available next week.

In the meantime – I’ve reached a few milestones.

  • Double Onyx Recharger – 50 million XM.
  • Silver Purifier (Destroying resos).    This also means I have only silver badges and up, not counting the mission badge which I don’t have because I don’t do missions.
  • Platinum Trekker – 1,000 kilometers the phone has traveled at low speed.   That’s 621 miles for us Imperialists.
  • Halfway to Onyx Translator, plus a bit.   This will be my required second Onyx badge for level 16, this won’t take long to finish.

AP continues to pour in, and I’m at about 11.6 million, not much to go until I reach level 13