Over the past week, I’ve made 11m AP leaving a paltry 1m to go, for level 13.    And yet, I’m a little burned out from the whole thing.   I’m not all over the intel map, not really participating in the Hangouts,  I’m just taking actions when I have the time.    Very busy at work, as well.

I spent last Friday night in Newhall for about 3 1/2 hours.   Nobody came out.   I may have missed the window of interest in Ingressers getting together, having a bite and some drinks, and walking the streets, which would be typical of my social prowess.    I did, however, acquire 32 more unique captures, and start to feel the beginning of game burnout.

Pokemon Go was announced.   Apparently, this means there will be places for you to go in real life, and find your pokemon; battle the pokemon against “something else”; so it might be very Ingress-like.    It should be, considering that it is Niantic’s next software project, leading to further speculation that Ingress might be “done”.   I did get good news from a random player, who had a portal approved after the submissions were closed off, so they may at least empty the queue.   And keep the game running.

Marvel Heroes

My current goal is to find someway to beat the Cosmic Midtown Madness trial.    It is to laugh – the best I can seem to do as Cap is take out a bunch of the easy kills from the first wave.    My limited understanding is there’s something like a bunch of “easy” kills, then a boss, then more “easy” kills, then a final boss.   Except the “easy” kills make short work of me if I do the usual and wade into them and attack.

The key to surviving seems to be, move in and make attacks, and run away.   Regen and repeat.   This is extremely tricky given that my team up – Iron Man Mk II – is a big part of the key to the level, and I have to keep him alive.    Leave him alone, the baddies will swarm him, and next thing you know I’m gone too.    I keep trying once or twice a day, and I usually get stuck among the baddies and beat down.

Omega distribution is a simple set of regen choices, from both the Nanotech and “Default” trees, along with some light offense if I feel like adding them.    The previous advice to use the ones that help with bosses, are clearly wasted.   If you can’t reach the Cosmic bosses, who cares, and the normal level bosses are easy to kill with all the other players available.

And the currency grind goes on (200 Odin Marks!) along with levels for the lowbies (Human Torch – Now 42!), and feeding into chasing achievements (Maybe 75 more AIM technicians for one of them!).    It’s a game well built for an achiever personality like me.