I continue to play Marvel Heroes – quite a bit in the past few days.    Clearly, one of the things that is meant to be fun about playing the game, is *figuring out how to play*.   My current knowledge is :

  1. Get your first hero.
  2. Collect Eternity Splinters.
  3. Reach Level 60.
  4. Buy additional heroes (With Splinters or Cash) as needed.
  5. Buy at least one “Team-Up”.
  6. Do daily quests for special currencies.
  7. Collect unique items, until you have “good ones” at quality 63.
  8. Buy Legendaries for your heroes.
  9. Buy recipes to upgrade your uniques to level 66.
  10. Buy recipes for level 69 uniques.
  11. Cosmic Midtown Trial ???   Genosha ?????

Currently, I’m working on leveling the Human Torch up to Level 60.   He’s squishy, but I’m enjoying it.    Plastic Man is waiting in the wings.    Other heroes are all Level 60, and mostly with level 63 uniques.   Everyone has their legendary weapon.

(I find it amusing my spell checker thinks you cannot use plural for “unique”.   But this word, does not mean what you think it means, in Marvel Heroes)

Clearly, my favorite hero remains the Hulk, with Invisible Woman a close second.   Force fields really rock !   So does turning invisible in the middle of combat, and all your enemies forgetting about you.    Thing and Cap are also excellent, but Cyclops is not holding up well as part of a rotation.     I’ve fully upgraded/XP’ed the Legendary for Cap, and continue to move forward with other hero’s legendaries.

I managed to get one recipe for Slot 2 Level 66 uniques – but getting the second one is clearly going to take some time.    I think the only time I get that currency is when I complete a daily, for the first time.    At least with the Odin Marks grind, I got some every time I completed a daily mission – more for the first one, naturally, but some every time.    So it’s pretty hard to get these “Hero’s commendations”.

I have close to 1,200 Splinters, and I probably should just buy Iron Man and get it over with.   I have a special costume for him, as well as a 63 quality unique.  The only challenge is I already have two guys to level up, plus Deadpool the team-up.    What I would like, actually, is bank space, except I’ve already spent $40 on this game and I prefer not to spend more.    The call of more space, however, is very strong.

The End Game – Cosmic Midtown, probably – is getting a bit more accessible.   Cap managed to fight his way through 20+ enemies before dying the last go-around, so perhaps with more upgraded uniques, and enough Omega points, it will actually end up doable.   Who knows.  325 or so Omega points earned to date.

And then there’s the Genosha area, which I believe is a raid zone.   Would raiding in this game be like grouping, where I get invited to random groups and do everything the same as if solo ?    Maybe i should try it out.