And the Resistance does a BAF over the weekend.   Almost a Giga Field –  they didn’t think small, like a “measly” million MU.    This is all the way in Arizona.

Apple Valley to Arizona

The Salton Sea, to Arizona

I don't know exactly what's going on here but it's pretty cool.

The attempt was for fields from So Cal to Alaska over Hawaii.   Still awesome, what they manged to do.

I’m told this is a 132 layer field across Arizona.    Wow.    I’d not have thought that possible.   Even better, this isn’t the field they wanted !   They clearly wanted to fill in those triangles !    Very instructive in the effort to understand big fields.

As I plan my next BAF, one thing became clear – don’t Jarvis portals.    The Jarvis tool is useful for a very limited list of portals, not a large list like the Connect Burbank operation.    This is so for a couple of reasons.

  1. What if you don’t get your field up ?   Talk about a lousy situation – killing your own sides portals and no field goes up.    While, if you kill enemy portals, if you fail – you killed a bunch of enemy territory.
  2. You have to communicate about Jarvising.   I did far too little of that last week.    It was definitely a mistake – overdoing Opsec, plus technology issues.    Communicating is often hard and lengthy, thus you want to do as little of it as possible.
  3. But, where a small number of Jarvises are needed, go for it.
  4. What is “small” ?   I don’t know the answer to that, actually.    The point really is, smash up enemy territory and not friendly, and the “small” answer probably sorts itself out while remembering the golden rule of “No Jarvising!”.

With the above in mind, it doesn’t look like I can make the next field I wanted.   Which is OK, I can look elsewhere.   Because if I have to Jarvis three important friendly areas, then it’s not a good field.

By the way – if I’ve wronged you with a Jarvis, feel free to PM me.   I’ll have to make it up somehow.