We had a massive layered field in Chino over the weekend –

Chino Fields

Chino Fields

12 agents.   91 jarvises.   And over 1.9 million MU.

The greens did not stay silent either – they attempted a massive BAF across the San Fernando valley.   I didn’t get all the details, but the field apparently got built, but missed the checkpoints thanks to night owl Resistance agents.    They even re-threw it, but it still missed the second time.

I have to get out of the house one of these nights and do some social fielding/farming with other agents.   It sounds like fun.   But it would be a bit difficult to explain to the wife, who never gets past “So you’re playing a game” before she loses interest.   Instead, I stay closer to the initial Ingress ideal of “Play the game as you’re out and about”.