As the months go by, I find that I’m a much more social gamer than I ever have been.   Ingress brings that out in me, strangely enough.

The game was clearly designed to make us all feel like we’re secret agents, and I certainly had that feeling at first.    But I keep running into people.    I spend break times with the Downtown Burbank crew, and we yap about things both in game and out.     And the more time goes by the more I’m getting to know all these people, even if we only chat via the Hangouts.    No more secret agent, instead, we’re teams of people fighting in the middle of a sea of civilians.

Not everybody wants to be friendly.    As I’m driving past, a new Burbank green agent took my portal.    Turns out, it’s the same guy who killed the “Fly Burbank” field I had built last week, so I decided to stop and say hi.    I pulled up and parked, and got out of the car, blowing up all his resos as I did so.

Then I spotted him.    He’s driving a car and he’s blocking the parking lot to the church, by being stopped curbside but in the driveway.    I sit down on a block wall nearby and try to make eye contact.   And I send him a message in comms.    He had to have seen me, especially since I waved, but he just drove off and didn’t say a thing.     That’s the way it goes.


Now I’m literally drowning in gear.     With my newly acquired habit of “Glyph all the things !” I acquire so much stuff that it’s unreal.   I think about the ideas I had in the past of making sure enemy agents used their gear, and I laugh.    We all have all the gear that we want, especially with people constantly socializing at farms.

I now keep just a few resos, only L7 and L8 bursters, and the myriad mods that come out.   Power cubes are a different beast – I always have more of them than I need, and I thought, today I’ll just burn some up by recharging.    It was almost impossible to use them effectively.    The gear glut is really making things grindy.   Recycle order is now :

  1. Bursters.
  2. Resos
  3. Link Amps
  4. Keys

The problem being, it looks like I’ll be recycling mods next, and after that…….. all I’ve got left is power cubes.


I’ve also made an interesting observation about recharging.    Portals lose 15% of their charge per day.   I’m pretty sure that the second decay, third, etc, are all on a predictable schedule like “2 am every day”.    But the first one isn’t.    It starts to decay at some random time each day, and then the timer (presumably) ensures decay every 24 hours.

So if any reso on a portal is at full charge, it will start to decay at some point.   The median should be 12 hours, not 24.    So the best possible state for a portal is just a hair under 100%; therefore my recharges start off with anything highly drained, and then move on to anything with one day of decay.

Yeah, I’ve gotten pretty into this game, haven’t I ?