Even though most of my gaming time (and other time!) is spent Ingressing, I’m still continuing with Marvel Heroes.    You can be forgiven if you’ve forgotten that, since the Ingress posts have crowded that out of the blog.

But I’m about $40 into the game now – I’ve got the three heroes unlocked and at level 60 (Hulk, Cap, and Cyclops) and I went ahead and purchased the Fantastic Four during their sale.     The sale coincided with the opening weekend for the movie, which the chatter says was REALLY BAD, so I haven’t seen it.

Thing is now at level 52 and is another tank type of play like the Hulk.    My favorite power of his is the Stretch Teammate power – he takes Reed and swings him around in a bunch of circles, and eats up enemy health at a rapid rate when doing it.    Last night, I got to 300 Odin Marks again and bought a legendary for Invisible Woman, (Level 12) who I’m finding pretty fun to play – ranged and weakening is her power style.

Human Torch is not that much fun yet – Too squishy – but I’ve got him, and Plastic Man aka Reed will be a lot of fun to level up.    But first would be grinding Odin Marks to get them their legendaries.

On the Ingress front, it’s much the same old, same old.   Badges are advancing –

State of Levelling

State of Levelling

Now with a new platinum badge (Translator, for Glyphing), and having progressed Hacking to silver.     1500 more enemy resos to destroy and I have no more bronze.   The missing gold will certainly be filled in with the Mind Controller badge (fields) – only another 125 to go.

In the unofficial badge category, I’m moving forward on having a double onyx recharger.   Most of yall hide your stats so I can never tell who’s managed to do things like this, but Burbank has one ENL agent with a quintuple Onyx – 125 million recharged.    Holy Moly.   The other Onyx that many people have is the Illuminator (MU captured), and which mine is slowly moving forward – 387k at the moment, 1 million needed for platinum.    That’s what, 120 fields of 5k points, which is the highest I usually make.   I don’t see that one changing anytime soon.

But fielding is happening all the time.  Think I’ll go do some more again.

Looking nice and blue right now.

Looking nice and blue right now.