I took my afternoon Ingress walk to upgrade portals, when I saw him.    He had the Ingress Pose.     Head 75 degree angle pointed straight at his phone – not typing – standing still and looking around.    Up and looking at buildings.    Down and looking at the phone.    Has to be an agent.   But this is nothing new, I keep seeing people who are not actually agents a lot.

Then the bursters went off.

I walked right past him with my phone in my pocket, and stopped around the corner of the building.   I looked back through the bushes, and sure enough, he’s still standing right there.   Right on top of the portal.    Firing bursters.

For once, I made the agent, and he didn’t make me.    Today I am a stealth specialist.   Especially since I look nothing like every other agent I’ve ever met.   Details will not be disclosed 🙂 .

I recharged on him for awhile and walked away, and I don’t know what he did next.    Walked home ?    Just headed back to his car ?    Spotted me as I rethrew fields and farmed keys ?   No additional sightings in the scanner happened.    Anyway, doesn’t matter, because while I’ve seen him in the game before, I don’t think he’s a very active player.

Compare that with Burbank’s two most prolific agents, both Enlightened, both Level 16.   The one guy is on the scanner all day, blowing things up.    If I was retired, that’s what I’d do, but I’m not.   I take walks during the day, and use early mornings when I can.

So that’s two agents I’ve spotted without them spotting me, while a large number of enemy agents know me.   And a handful of friendlies.    Still need to meet two specifically, the other Burbank guy, and “The Bad Man”.    One of these days.

Other things also happened over the weekend –

The Crying Blue Toad.

The Crying Blue Toad.

This guy covered the SCV for about 3 checkpoints.   Around 500k MU !

The In Between Field

The In Between Field

A nice three layered field between the SCV and the San Fernando Valley.   About 600k MU.

And a Chatsworth field

And a Chatsworth field

Brought about 180k MU for the Resistance.

It’s not all good news.   I’m not getting out to field most of this empty area, so DT Burbank is pretty empty, and Burbank is pretty green today.

I'd rather it was fielded blue.

I’d rather it was fielded blue.