Monday Afternoon.

This was a fun field to sneak in on the Burbank greenies :

Fielding Big in Burbank

Fielding Big in Burbank

A player who hits things mostly in the Golf Course area of Burbank – “Golf Course Guy” – took some portals and created two sides of that triangle.   One link was a very deep throw, all the way past BWP on Magnolia Blvd.

And I looked at the link that would be needed and realized – the only thing in the way are green links.   If I knock out all the blockers, I can complete that triangle.   And it doesn’t field over any portals that are usually blue, or any usual blue fielding areas.    So why not, let’s try and make it happen.

A trip to the Corner Bakery and Barnes and Noble was first.   I got the cold clammy chill of dread when I realized there was a green agent inside of the Corner Bakery – he took it back immediately from me, after I claimed it.   No matter – he didn’t end up making any blocks.     Second, a trip to the Starbucks mural got rid of all the eastern blocking links.    A final trip to an industrial street got me some uniques and the final kill needed, and then I shot the field.    I would have thought it would be bigger, but 2700 MU is not bad anyway.

The field was killed sometime that night.

Tuesday Afternoon

Data Points :

  • I have too many bursters.   I’m giving them away but I still have a lot.
  • Western Burbank is heavily fielded, and this is not something that makes me happy.   What can I do about it ?
  • The greenies left up one of the long links from yesterday, preventing them from making blocks and giving me the opportunity to refield this thing.

I take a second look at the field from yesterday, and think a little bigger.    I look a little higher, at “Golf Course Guy’s” links.   Wait, just a second here.

This is a potential three layer cake.

This is a potential three layer cake.   In other words, three overlapping fields.

With the lanes mostly clear due to the little field from yesterday, it sure is possible to complete one leg of the triangle easy.   The second leg is (mostly) already built.   The third leg just requires smashing green portals – they’ve taken too much of the City, so it’s easy to push through and make the links.

One of the defensive oddities of the game is, if both teams are fielding and linking in a particular area, you’ll have a hard time making a big field there.   Why ?   Killing the enemy portals is just a matter of doing it, but killing your factions links is very hard.   You can only Jarvis a couple per agent, usually.    But with the enemy team dominant or completely covering an area, it becomes much easier to push through.

I collect keys after leaving the office.     My pulse is racing; the excitement is driving me crazy.    This looks like a potential 20k MU field, times three.   And I’ve not seen anyone do a big field over Burbank itself before.   I love the idea of surprising my “friendly enemies” and impressing the rest of the Resistance team.

I swear at the VFW portal, which has four shields on it and is therefore immune to being sped up by heatsinks.    After 15 minutes I get one lousy key, giving me a total of two.   The Stough Canyon portal is much nicer – with a very rare heat sink, it gives up four keys in the space of five minutes.

Tuesday Evening

Careful planning is made via the intel map.   Eight portals to kill, and a few keys to grab, and I can field a big chunk of Burbank and surprise the greenies.    One friendly portal to Jarvis, and since it’s mine, good manners says I can just do it.   Operation Fly Burbank is ready for 4 am tomorrow morning.    Checkpoint is at 7 am so I would like to finish close to that time.   I’ll have to see how it goes.

All I’ll need to do is get a few more keys from the VFW.   Stough Canyon I have plenty of keys for.    And the three portals over by the airport look accessible, but I’ve never been to them.  Just need to update the plan when I wake up, in case someone’s fielding overnight.

Looks pretty do-able.

Looks pretty do-able.

I just hope I can reach these portals easily.

I just hope I can reach these portals easily.

Wednesday, 4 am.

Bless that agent who killed several of my target portals.   Also, critically important, he didn’t link them to anything.    Kill count is down to 6, plus the VFW, and the Jarvis.    Time to go and do it.

 Field is now up.

For Burbank it's a megafield.

For Burbank it’s a megafield.

As I drove down the freeway this morning to make it, I was filled with emotion.    A bit surprising, isn’t it – a game inspiring all these feelings.    REO Speedwagon came on my oldies station and I sang at the top of my lungs – “I CAN’T FIGHT THIS FEEEEELING ANYMORRRRRRRRREEEEE”, when I pulled over to start operations.

First blocker to take down was a church, went down quick.   Then I headed over to the Ralphs on Victory and Buena Vista for two portal kills.

Target portals in the middle. Statues "Old Glory" and "Whirlybird"

Target portals in the middle. Statues “Old Glory” and “Whirlybird”

Tough nuts to crack, but there was no question they were going down.   What was surprising was the speedlock introduced suddenly.    One minute I was attacking a portal, and the next I was speedlocked.   Hadn’t drifted or anything.    I spent a tense five minutes trying to recharge random portals before it was working once again, and I killed the two targets.

I parked over by the VFW (one anchor) and took it back, hacked a key, then sprinted full speed across the street.   Time was feeling short; it was around 5:30 already.   Any pretense I had before of being inconspicuous was gone now.   Compass Sidewalk Art portal fell next, and now it was time to Jarvis.   I headed over to San Fernando and Burbank.

After using the Jarvis I killed the green immediately and got back in the car.    Two bums were sleeping in the parking lot – I had to be careful.    I saw the first guy, but the second one could have gotten run over if I wasn’t paying attention.   Thank God for backup cameras.    Back to the VFW and hacked another key in a driveby, then Chandler Blvd to take out another statue.

Full speed sprint from the car to the statue, and the statue back to the car.     I’m overcome with the emotions of hoping I can pull this one off.    I literally have tears in my eyes, as my heart pounds, and the adrenaline courses through me.

One blocker remaining.   I had to remind myself to drive slow, most people are hardly awake at this hour (5:45).     Someone in front of me helped keep me driving slow.   The radio helped a tad, with the Byrds singing “Turn Turn Turn”.    And then the last blocker went down.

Now to the area with the layers.

Wait - what's that ?

Wait – what’s that ?

Someone had been active last night, and captured the neutral portal I was using for the first layer, no problem there.   But they also linked the second portal to a huge cluster of fields south.    Rats.    I’m not going to Jarvis someone’s big bunch of fields just for mine.   But two layers is pretty satisfying anyway.

And there it is.

And there it is.

My estimate was way too high, this is "only" 12 thousand points.

My estimate was way too high, this is “only” 12 thousand points.

I set out on a trail of destruction with multiple goals –

  • Use up all these damned bursters.
  • Cover up the comms showing the field creation.
  • Kill enemy fields before the checkpoint.

7 am came and went, so the fields scored.   The only question that remained was how long they would last.    And finally some guy I don’t know headed up and took the Stough Canyon portal, killing it around 9 am.

Whew !    That was a rush !