Too much gear.   It’s a good problem to have.    I put out the call on Hangouts asking if anyone wanted gear.   I gave a local agent 100 bursters.  Then the new guy shows up, and sits down outside of my office.   I pass him 300 of various items, and he heads off to blue-up Downtown Burbank.

Another agent gets together with him and they wander the area.    They fight off enemy agents but aren’t able to make many fields.    I decide to go out and make a few, and the Fearless Leader also heads out.

Next thing I know, the four of us are sitting together on a seat-planter talking Ingress, complaining about various green agents, comparing war stories, and it’s a strange fraternal feeling.    We’re all in this struggle together, trying to do the best we can.   I pass out more gear (I’m just going to generate more soon anyway as I glyph) when Fearless Leader says “Let’s head out”.   I find myself walking a couple of blocks with them, dropping L8 resos.

I imagined us like this –

Ready to prowl the streets

The Outsiders.   Ready to prowl the streets

Or maybe like this.

Or maybe like this.

I headed back to my office first, then the other three meet up with *yet another agent* and got the place pretty well fielded.    A good time was had by all.   I suppose this is the best I can manage, while other (single!) agents tend to get together for beers after Ingressing.