Sunday AM

Planning for a family day at Disneyland.    About time – I think we’ve only hit the parks about three times into this year’s annual passes, with all four of us.    The other three (not me) have been about a dozen times.     And this area, of course, is quite the packed area for Ingress as well.     Literally every square inch of Disneyland is a portal.

A target rich environment.

A target rich environment.

I recognize some portals from previous visits, and I want to avoid those.   Instead I hope to hit the ones I have not already – which is more of Disneyland rather than California Adventure.   And I’m aiming to get my next gold badge from the uniques, so this is a perfect idea for an Ingress trip.

  • 1,464 Unique Hacks (2,000 target)
  • 553 Unique Captures (1,000 target)

Previous visits I burned out the phone pretty quickly.    A couple of hours walking around with Ingress running, and poof, all the power was gone.    This time, I’m armed with one of the power banks I’ve purchased.

  • Anker 16000 maH Resistance Badged Battery.   It is taking them a ton more time than they expected, so…..
  • Anker 3000 maH Zolo Battery is being gifted to me.    Well, thanks.   That’s a nice gesture and a smart one for Anker.    Still no delivery date fixed, so……
  • Anker 10000 maH Compact Battery got purchased on sale at Amazon for $22 and is in my pocket right now.    Bought this because…….
  • PNY powerpack of unremembered strength died after using it a mere four times and discharging it once.

Oh – and remembering to keep enough power for phone calls is important.   “We’re off of Space Mountain now, come meet us”.

Sunday/Monday night.   1 AM.

Well, Disney looks different but very little of it was my doing.

Downtown Disney the Farm - and Fielded

Downtown Disney the Farm – and Fielded

Report on the battery is very good.   The thing was charging the phone all day, and I was able to use it as often as I wanted.   And the battery pack hardly discharged.  What it has is four lighted dots.    Four dots = between 75% and 100%.    Three dots = between 50% and 75%.   I managed to kill it from four to three.

Around 3 pm I had a battle with a green agent who was creating long links, over the California Screamin ride.    I picked up about 3 of the 5 portals in the area for unique captures, but the other two were held by the enemy.   I wrecked the resos and they reclaimed it.    I eventually gave up on this one – until it came back to haunt me.

I found Disney getting fielded by the greens around 6:30 pm.   I didn’t understand as I walked back to the trams, what was going on – the City Hall area was under heavy green attack.  I just kept hacking and capturing until suddenly Disney was fielded.   Boo.    But just as quickly, the field went down, from some other blue agent.    And it came up again, smaller, as I’m heading back to the car for sweaters.

At the parking garage, I killed the field – Four portals were being used and I killed three of them and the field.   The fourth portal now, that was a challenge.

The Disney Welcome Sign

The Disney Welcome Sign

Protected by Green, Purple, and Axa shields, this portal was a tough nut to crack.    I didn’t crack it.   It was sitting across the tramway and I could not stand on it to ultrastrike things off, and 5 L8 bursters did not kill anything.   So I gave up, and obviously some other blue agent got it afterwards.    What was interesting was after I gave up killing it, I decided to prevent the greens from linking.

You can take a portal, that prevents the enemy from using it.     Or you can kill a single resonator.     I figured, now is the time to ultrastrike a single reso, then no more links could be established.   But despite standing on top of the reso, and firing multiple Level 1 US, the reso still stood undamaged.    I tried a few L5 US.   Same thing.   And then I gave up and headed back to the family.    My first attempt at ultrastriking a single resonator was a resounding failure.    All that happened were the enemy defenses depleting my meager XM reserves.

The end of day scores are not a failure, however.

  • 1,572 Unique Hacks (+108 for the day)
  • 647 Unique Portals (+94 for the day)
  • Over 11k resos deployed (Builder)
  • Over 7k resos destroyed (Purifier)
  • Just under 8m AP

The ?good? part is we spent little time in Disneyland.   Most of it was California Adventure, and Disney Main Street.    So the next trip should yield a large additional haul of uniques, if we can stay in Disneyland more.

Oh – and the look on my 12 year old’s face as he watched the parades was priceless.   And my (almost!) 15 year old watching the fireworks.    Some things are more important than gaming.   Including the smile on my wife’s face as we watch the kids together.