I’ve continued to do a lot of Ingress, had a lot of fun, and haven’t found anything to write about to describe what’s been happening this week.

I am starting to see agents drop off and give up the game, and new agents moving up the ranks and taking their place.   Now, with 4 months in, I’m the experienced agent trying to help out.    I’m not too good at that however – I don’t get to run around at my leisure.   I have to Ingress on my terms, but I did manage to help a guy get to Level 8 this week by giving away gear.

I’m more interested in the idea of cross faction stuff.    Neither Burbank nor SCV, to my knowledge, has any cross faction Hangouts and we really should.   We’re all playing the same game and we keep having to “deal with” each other.   No reason not to be friendly.   I’m not so sure I’m the guy to try and make it happen, but if nothing continues to happen I’ll probably try.

Marvel Heroes has been a strong draw.    I’m grinding the Odin Marks and enjoying the experience.   There’s a few different ways to get them –

  1. Random boxes when you log in.   Daily bonuses are cool.
  2. Daily Midtown / Industry quests.    Each one of these gives a couple of chests with several marks in them, once per day.    You can keep running the quests and get a few more.
  3. Legendary quests.    The title makes you think, “Wow, I’ll bet those are awesome and cool quests !”   No, they aren’t.   They’re boss runs for all the story points in the game.   You can get acheivements as you’re doing them, and 1 or 2 Odin Marks.     But I’m enjoying doing them.

284 Marks and counting.    Once I have 300, I buy the legendary for Cyclops, and start saving again.