Sometimes playing a game in Meatspace and away from the computer is trying.

I had a moment on Sunday afternoon.    I needed to hit the ATM, and make a return at Best Buy.    Of course, this meant I took a circuitous route and stopped up at the top of Bouquet Canyon and Plum.   There were two portals up there, and with links from these two I could make a couple of nice fields.    So I parked.

And I’m standing in the bright noonday sun, heat radiating off the pavement, trying to get the phone to connect to the GPS satellite, or to Verizon, or whatever in the hell was keeping it from working well.    I walked right on top of one portal.    The arrow didn’t move.    I moved around, and then the arrow moved, but in the wrong direction.

Sweat accumulates on my hands as I futz with the phone, and make the links when the connection finally hit.   But now, I should update the resonators on these portals – for the obvious reason of strengthening them, and because my inventory is full as usual.    But the connection doesn’t want to go through.     And upgrading a reso, for whatever reason, probably takes longer than doing anything else in Ingress.

Why am I doing this again ?    I’m a grown man, wandering around in the sun and poking a phone instead of doing errands.   I contemplate deleting the app.    Instead, I decide to take it easy for the rest of the day.   I think I upgraded a couple of resos on these tough to connect to portals.    I did nothing else on Sunday.    I slept in on Monday, even though I had the opportunity to start Ingressing at 5 am before work.   Worked through lunch as well.

Then, Monday afternoon, the game redeems itself.

On Sunday night, my Ingress nemesis “The Bad Man” managed to create some very big fields while taking down some big blue ones.    Just how big ?    In area at least, about 5% of the LA cell.   So, very large, but mostly mountains.    Not a lot of MU, but very impressive looking.

"That's no moon......"

“That’s no moon……”

After I brought it up, the SCV team started talking about how to take it down, and before I could get out of work and actually do anything about it, there was complete destruction of the field.    But the play by play was even better, and a ton of fun to watch.

  • Five different points on the west were all anchored by one remote point on the east, which we all ignored.
  • Portal #2 was killed dropping the largest part of the field, by Agent #1.
  • The enemy’s wife heads out and starts knocking down friendly portals.
  • Agent #2 reaches the area and kills the third portal.   More field is down.
  • The Bad Man reacts.   What is this guy doing, sitting at home waiting for Ingress ?   How it appears is probably very different than it actually is, but he heads out and reclaims Portal #3.
  • The Bad Man drives on, and Portal #2 is reclaimed.    The area gets refielded.
  • Agent #2, chilling at Portal #3, reclaims the portal and kills the field.
  • Agent #3 reaches Portal #2.    Technical difficulties keep her from being effective.   Agent #4 reaches the scene to help out.
  • The Bad Man takes Portal #3 once again.   A shrunken field is created – much smaller in size.   He’s out of keys, thankfully.
  • Agent #2 kills portal #4, and #5, in short order.    The field is now a small slice instead of a monster.
  • Agent #6 takes a hike and wipes out the last of the field.   The Canyon Country Cross belongs to the Resistance again.

Add to the mayhem surrounding the big field, greens coincidentally active in other areas (or coordinated!   Distraction tactics?), and duels happening in the lower part of the SCV, and it was a fun thing to watch.

Me, my part was played by capturing a mere three portals and throwing a blocking link.    Way to be useful – not !   Chronicling the war is a lot of fun too, however.

I suppose I’ll have to keep playing.