As most of us do once a year, the family went on a little vacation.     This usually means Dad picking some game/games and loading up the laptop, and getting in a little gaming when possible.    But Ingress changes things a bit.  With Ingress, every moment moving is an opportunity to take a game action.

First day was spent driving.    First stop, a shopping mall (Why ?   My wife is crazy) meant five additional unique hacks, much glyphing, and a new 30 point field being created.    Lunchtime resulted in stopping at Kettleman City, which has the worlds busiest In N Out, along with a brand new roadside stop filled with silly stuff, and portals.    Lots of Portals.

"Let's stop at In N Out"  She said.  Ok.

“Let’s stop at In N Out” She said. Ok.

That's a unique capture, and a few quick hacks.

That’s a unique capture, and a few quick hacks

We’ve stopped here before, so I knew it would be a good place.   For portals.    With less attention on the family I’d have owned the area, but we just drove by instead.

First night stop is in lovely Belmont, CA.   I’m in the middle of a suburban neighborhood, with a lot of blue portals around, but with one very large set of green fields.    Right down the street from me.

The circled area was all green fields.

The circled area was all green fields.   About 7 of them.

The enemy was awake – as soon as I’d blown the shields off he started recharging, but I killed the links anyway.    I used his local farm for 15 minutes for more gear, and headed back home.

Tomorrow the real fun begins – We’ll be in our vacation rental by noon.   The area is almost exclusively green owned, with around 30 portals in walking distance.   How much of that will I smash and keep ?    I really don’t know.   All I care the most about is 1) Having a good vacay, 2) Keep the Sojourner active.    Should be no problem there.