Remember how I got motivated from the Downtown Burbank farming on Tuesday ?  The motivation continued all week.   I was determined to single-handedly turn all of Burbank blue.    Thankfully, I ran out of time before such insanity really took hold, but still, I hit the Downtown area hard.

Burbank, 8 pm Friday

Burbank, 8 pm Friday

I was an iceman.   Ice-cold blue.    I walked from portal to portal, filled them out, linked them up, defended when attacked, and repaired the damage.   To be sure, I had help, including the “night shift” for the area.    But I did a mad amount of capturing and linking.

Oh yes – and I completely neglected my job yesterday.   It was a light day, but still – I had things I should be doing, and instead I painted the town blue.    I ate lunch at my desk (so the phone could charge), wandered in and out, and linked up portal after portal.   Ingress is a dangerous game – it’s sapping my motivation to work.

I have to say it to myself a little louder : One action a day is all that you have to take, to help the team win.     Take more actions *IF YOU HAVE THE TIME* .