There’s not much change happening in the Ingress war over Santa Clarita and Burbank.   So I figured I’d examine stats a bit.

I am pretty close to Level 11 – 35,000 or so AP.    I also can see clearly, that I have enough badges to get the level.

Nowadays it tells you right on your profile.

Nowadays it tells you right on your profile.

I was also curious about how my progress stacks up for future levels.   12 requires 6 golds and a silver – I’m good there.   Level 13 wants six golds and a platinum; so I’ll need one more gold to meet that bar.

What’s my most likely additional gold ?    It’s really far away for every silver badge; I’m halfway or less for three of them, and Mind Controller I need another 800 fields or so – 60% of the way there.

Level 14 and up, it’s all about better badges instead of number.   I’ll need an additional platinum badge for 14.    Depending on how long it takes to get the AP for that, my Sojourner should hit platinum on about October 1st.    I’m halfway to platinum for Glyphing, and my Trekker has 60% of the 1000 kilometers (ie, 620 miles).

Level 15, I just need another platinum so I’d be good there – by that time I’m sure I’ll hit Trekker and Translator.   And Level 16 wants two of those badges to be Onyx, and with Onyx recharger, I’d expect Onyx translator as well.    So that’s the badge part of the path to 16, never mind the 34 million additional AP that would be needed.  The only real roadblock might occur picking up Level 13, although with another 6 million AP necessary being 50% of the way there should not be an issue.

The next badges I expect, not worrying about the leveling aspect, are Liberator (72 captures to go), Engineer (206 mods to place), and Builder (2000 resonators to deploy).   Or, if I manage to do another mission, I will hit 5 and get my bronze SpecOps badge.   Like most players, I have no progress on the recruiter badge – I need to email someone, get them to use the link to install the game, and help them get to level 3.   Other than phonying it up by “inviting” my wife and using her phone for awhile, I can’t imagine getting anyone else to play.

I find myself focusing a lot on captures and unique captures.    The part of the game I like best is fielding, but that often comes down to what portals I can take.   Add in the 500 AP capture bonus, the Purifier badge (destroy enemy resonators), and I find myself trying to kill portals as much as possible.

Badges are fun.   And being real close to a level like this, is also fun.