It’s a pretty fundamental concept in Ingress – taking over portals from the enemy team.    But how do you do it, exactly ?    The new player has a hard time nowadays to attack any portal.    As you move up the ranks, it gets easier, but some instruction should help.

First off – a portal can have 8 resonators on it, and up to four mods.     Less resonators – easier target.     Less shields and mods – easier target.    And the placement of resonators is important.

A pineapple.    Or a Campfire.

A pineapple. Or a Campfire.

When you attack, you LOVE to see this.   It means you have to simply stand in the center of the portal, and every shot of bursters damages each resonator approximately equally.     It takes you less bursters to kill this portal than other ones.

(This is also why you never stand on top of the portal to deploy resonators.    Stand with your “circle” right at the edge.)

The perfect distance to be at, when deploying resonators.

The perfect distance to be at, when deploying resonators.

But a normally deployed portal is set up like the one above.     How do you kill this bad boy ?

First thing I do, is determine what the mods are on the portal.

After you press mods, they are shown here.

After you press mods, they are shown here.

Shields are what you need to worry about.    The question is how to deal with them, and you have two tools –

  1. Ultrastrike.    If you can stand perfectly on top of the portal, with your little arrow staying right on top of it, and no GPS drift, then you can ultrastrike.    It’s more desirable to use this, the tougher the shield is.   It’s less desirable, the tougher the weapon you are deploying is.   In other words, save your ultrastrikes for AXA and pink shields.
  2. Center Shot.    Often, just standing directly on top of the portal and firing bursters kills mods.    The higher level your burster, the more likely it will kill like this.

The second thing to be aware of is “link mitigation”.    Fancy words.   The more enemy links there are to a portal, the stronger its defenses.    So it’s in your interests to kill the links, to make the rest of the attack easier.     If the portal gets down to 2 resonators, the links go down.    This may mean killing another portal first, before the main target, to weaken it; the biggest defense jump is from 2 – 3 links.

So – armed with this knowledge, you have to be tactically smart when attacking and assess the situation.    Usually my attacks follow a formula like this.

  1. Blow the shields off, using ultrastrikes or bursters.
  2. Where are there resonators left ?    If they’re clustered on one side, try moving in that direction.    The closer you are to a resonator, the more damage it takes.
  3. Are the remaining equally far apart ?     Stand in the middle, or move to one of the resonators, and fire away again.
  4. Repeat until defenses are….. neutralized.
The closest resonator will take a bunch more damage than the others.

The closest resonator will take a bunch more damage than the others.

If you don’t really want to capture, just blow one resonator off.    The enemy can’t link to the portal any more then.

The above all assume a portal you can move freely around.    That’s not always the case.   Portals can have all kinds of important tactical considerations.

  1. Cell signal.    Some places, cell signal does not penetrate, such as, a shooting range.    Or an armory.     This might limit your options.
  2. GPS drift.    I have stood on a portal and fired, and suddenly my arrow moves 50 feet away.    I move around and the GPS behaves weird.     Then it becomes a battle of firing at the right time – whenever you can drift it over ontop of the portal.
  3. Cargress.    The best way to attack is on foot, but that’s not always an option.    Move the car into the best position you can.    And seriously – obey traffic laws.
  4. Access.    If the portal is in a library that’s closed….. you might not be able to stand on top of it.    But you might be able to get close on the outside of the building.    Remember, of course, don’t trespass or be in places where police/security will start chasing you.
  5. Time available.    If you don’t have a lot of time to mess around, just start firing.   Especially if you have lots of weapons.  Quantity has a quality all its own.

All of this advice above can be mitigated, once again, depending on the circumstances.

  1. I once saw a level 1 portal, eight perfect placed resonators, off to the side of the one I was attacking.    I killed it.   Just with excess splash from my main attack.   It was probably 100 – 150 feet away.    A weak enough portal falls to anything.
  2. The guy rebuilt his portal and made it half 1’s / half 2’s with two green shields.     It didn’t hurt much when I was ignoring it, but it took two shots to kill standing on top of it with L8 bursters.   Shields don’t mean much if the resonators are too weak.
  3. The level 8 portal with two or more AXA shields just screams “ADA me !”.   Maybe even one of those beasts.    The thing to remember about an AXA shield is, you can usually still take the portal, it will just cost you more gear.    It just does not come off.
  4. The level of your bursters counts.    The higher they are, the more damage they throw.   But by the same token, to kill one resonator, you can use your crap bursters and just stand on top of the resonator.
  5. Force Amps and Turrets might be in range of your attack.   Getting smacked by multiple defending portals as you attack your portal of interest can sap your energy very fast.   You might have to take out the whole area or spend cubes to continue your attacks.
  6. An unlinked portal is an easy target.   If it has 3 or more links, even with the shields gone, it will be harder to kill.    With enough links the things can feel impenetrable with one attack.

Now go forth and destroy the green portals !