2 PM.   July 7th, 2015.

I’ve noticed a neat situation in Newhall / Canyon Country.   It appears I could make fields that would cover half of the SCV.

Yesterday, on my way home, I established something of a blocking field along the 14 freeway – or an anchor for fielding off of.    At some point in the last few days, a monstrous link has been added from Canyon Country to Newhall.   And someone fielded a bunch of things near Downtown Newhall.

The fields to the left present quite the opportunity...

The fields to the left present quite the opportunity…

Link those fields up to the blocking field shown on the southwest; and to the Church just barely showing in that cluster of portals to the north; and you’ve got a big field.   But that’s not all.

I think that's a pretty long link.

I think that’s a pretty long link.

So the plan, subject to it being screwed up, is :

  1. Head to Railroad Ave (Left side of 2nd pic).   Strengthen the portal – it only has four resonators on it.
  2. Take the Saugus Cafe.   Unique capture.    And its within 50 feet of #1.
  3. Head to the little field (left part of 1st pic).   Link all the portals for a massive field.   They’ll have to be off of the eastern two portals.
  4. Link the Church to the “Fountains”.   The top of the blocking field.
  5. Use my first Jarvis, off-map, and clear the way for a big old field anchored on the south by the Church links.

That’s the plan.   Let’s see what happens when I get out and attempt to execute it.


3:30 PM – Op begins.   En route from Burbank to the SCV.

4:00 PM – Uh oh.   I have a friendly agent at work at point #5.    What is she going to do ?    Well, bless her !   She links to the fountain the right way, and I no longer need to Jarvis to finish the fielding for #5.

4:15 PM – #1 portal strengthening is completed.    I buy a Diet Coke, so I can feel good about parking in the “Customers Only” space for Saugus Liquor.   And I take the Saugus Cafe for #2.     This is easy.

4:25.    Portals for #3 are not in the nasty, run down neighborhood I’m expecting.   It’s actually an enclave of the wealthy.    I drive past large houses attempting to find a trail head.   Gardeners, construction workers, and residents are eyeing me and making me nervous.   The portal has to be nearby……

And, there it is up ahead.   I don’t see the sign but I see the portal.    Links are thrown.

Wait.   What is the name of this portal ?    This isn’t a trailhead !

I linked from the wrong portal.

I linked from the wrong portal.

I head off to find the correct portal, and it’s not somewhere obviously reachable by car.    So I give up, and realize I’m going to leave a big stretch of area unfielded.   Can’t be helped though.

I make it to the right portal, and throw a link.    Now, just to throw the last one, to the fountains…… Can’t do it.   8 outgoing links.    Curses !    Well, all I need to do is kill some time at this portal, farm some keys, and link from the fountain to here.    MU count : 3362

4:45.    Made it to the fountains, and linking goes without incident.    I realize I can make a few extra ones, and bounce around a little through Canyon Country.

5:30.   Op is finished.   All fields are made.   Total MU count : 8,308

Huge in size, not in MU, but it sure looks really cool.

Huge in size, not in MU, but it sure looks really cool.


With some extra time available, I kill off the Sierra Highway portals held by the enemy; no more skinny blocking fields.   The Enlightened attacked hard at North Oaks Park, but I killed the lot and recaptured them.    Then, it was time to head home.

I drive past a familiar church, and see a car stopped in an odd place.   I was sure it was a muggles car – but I was wrong !    As I sit at the light I see the resonators losing power and realize this is a friendly agent, retaking the portal.     I manage to throw a single Level 8 resonator on it as I drive past, and hope I confuse the lights out of the agent who took it.   Ha Ha !

Probably missed out on about 800 MU in that empty slice, but added in another 300 with the little fields on the top right, so it’s all good.

That’s how to do a fielding op, the right way.    Probably better with more than one person, but it can be done by one, obviously 🙂 .