I jagged slowly along and eventually last week got Captain America up to level 60.   Yay !   I’ve hit the level cap in Marvel Heroes.     So, now what ?

Well, it turns out there is an Omega System enhancement for your heroes.    For us Everquest 1 veterans, this means “alternate achievements”.    I don’t see where a limit on these has been imposed either.   Omega points are account wide – so for all the heroes you have, you have that many Omega points, and your distribution of them can be whatever you want for whatever hero.    Some branches that I have are locked until I complete certain challenges.   It looks like you can build a super-duper powered hero.

Except – as noted in every post I’ve made about this – the stupid game is too easy.    Even the Superheroic difficulty was not that difficult to pull a few mobs and slaughter everything.     So I went ahead and did Midtown Madness on the “Cosmic” level available at level 60.

I got killed over and over again.    I couldn’t pull a single monster – I always got groups of them.    I stood for an hour at the Stark building entrance where you start, waiting for my health to regenerate and burning medipacks furiously.    Eventually, I gave up.    Clearly you need to be a tougher hero than I am to get this stuff working, or play in a party.

So.   Armed with a level 60 hero, and needing Omega points, I now need to figure out gameplay mechanics that I’ve ignored until now.

  • Crafting.     Can I make uru-forged armor ?    And craft it ?    How do I figure out what runes to get.    You can’t just store things in this game, you have to pursue what you need.   And this also assumes crafting isn’t broken, still.
  • Uniques.   Are there things that are better equipment than uniques ?   I have all level 63ish uniques already.    Apparently 66 uniques exist.
  • Costumes.   I think level 60 heroes can make more costumes.   It would be fun to do that.
  • Legendary items.   I don’t have any, and I don’t know how to get some.
  • Team Up Heroes.   I got a free Iron Man for logging in today.   He seems to help some.   I wonder if I need more, and/or if they’re available for free.

If nothing else, there’s a whole list of achievements to pursue so I’m sure I’ve got things to do for the moment.

And then there’s Hulk.   I started running him through the Midtown Madness again and he’s a blast.    It’s all about jumping and AOE effects with him, and I’m enjoying it a lot.   Made it to level 33 very quickly, with a lot of playtime, and plan to move him up to level 60 next.    I have Cyclops as well, at a mere level 8, and can play him at some point.

And all of this without paying a penny.    What a nice age of gaming we’re living in.