It was about 1 pm, Pacific Time, and I’m back to work because lunchtime is over.   Or am I ?

It’s been a bit since there was a strong Enlightened attack in Downtown Burbank during the day.   Today was the day.    The scanner lit up with attacks firing away.    I was able to see, on the scanner, that they were right on San Fernando and Orange Grove, taking portals and killing fields.     A minimum of three green controlled portals were taken.

The battleground.   Much later, however.

The battleground. Not at the battle time, but much later.

Three agents were down wrecking things and trying to level up a lowbie.    I didn’t realize that at first, however.   I just saw the portals falling, and decided to start recharging everything I could power, to limit the damage and slow them down.

I blew through probably 40 different power cubes, maybe 5 L6 and the rest L7.    And despite heavy burster use by the enemy, no additional portals fell.   I didn’t track it, but I think I got 500k points towards Recharger. I think they went to eat at one of the restaurants in the area.    I charged for awhile, realized they were no longer taking portals, and was not sure what to do next.    But I couldn’t resist – my next meeting wasn’t for an hour, so I headed down a block away planning to sit on a bench.

All three portals were blown away.   I started to move into position to retake one……. and the enemy agent did instead !    500 AP is good times for a lowbie agent, so I’m sure that he didn’t care that much that I was whacking the portal.     So instead, I tried to grab it immediately after all the resonators were taken. This time, I got one of them.   The other two were grabbed by the enemy agent.    And I realize that I’ve got help, as another Resistance agent starts hitting the same portals.

All in all, it was a 4 versus 4 contest for 20 minutes or so.    Two Resistance agents standing in the area versus three Enlightened, with two Resistance guys driving past, and another Enlightened taking advantage of our distraction to hit other nearby portals.   The muggles were thick – dozens of people wound through the busy streets intent on their own errands.    I even got asked by an attractive lady if I could tell her the time, and is her car safe from ticketing ?  The end result – we took all the portals back.    After doing that, we congratulated each other for a few minutes, and I helped build up a few.    Then, it was back to work.

Did I spot the enemy agents ?    I don’t think so.    There were two guys standing right in the area with phones out; one guy says “Here, I’ll show you”, and pulls out an Iphone to start up an app.    If they’re Ingress agents, I think they have the app pulled up already at that point.    I also saw two suspicious characters walking away right about at the time the agents appeared to be leaving, according to the scanner.   But it’s so hard to be sure.    My fellow agent – Lead Resistance guy in Downtown – seemed to think he made them.    I’m not so sure – we were seeing three agents in the scanner, not two, unless someone is multi-accounting.

Now, was I spotted ?    Possible, but I doubt it.    The “I’ll show you” guys were standing on the sidewalk right in front of a restaurant.   I heard them because I walked within about a foot of them.    And I suspected them, so I decided to have some fun with it.   As I walked past them, I quickly fired off about 4-5 high level bursters and killed all the resonators on the nearby portals.     After they died, I headed quickly around the corner trying to leave them confounded, and looking around for who hit the portal.    The other two guys I saw, no way could they have spotted me, sitting on a bench behind a mass of other people.

I did a bit of upgrading as I headed up the block, and saw our fearless leader refield the area.    The Resistance, was victorious today.

Canyon Country, 9 pm

Canyon Country, 9 pm

Tonight Canyon Country is a battleground.    Green owns Sierra Highway, while there was massive fighting over the rest of the area leaving us with this broken set of fields (for both sides!) .

Downtown Burbank, 9 pm

Downtown Burbank, 9 pm

That beautiful blocking link is still in place – there will be no Enlightened fields coming down through the Verdugo Hills; hopefully a Resistance triangle instead ! Due to strong Enlightened activity, no large fields are covering the hills, although we’ll see about that tomorrow.


The confounding thing about this game is, you really do have secret operations.    That’s what I did the night before (6/24), while Orange Grove was today (6/25).    And due to circumstances, I can’t share anything about the night before, other than I had a ton of fun.    Perhaps the story will come out, someday.