I’ve been running in Marvel Heroes again.     I currently have Captain America at level 59, and 60 is very close now.     Somehow, I had also previously unlocked the Hulk (16).   And I added Cyclops to the hero stable after getting some free item you could redeem for any hero.

The game is too easy, for certain.    I’m not really sure what I’m attacking half the time, but somehow it’s all still fun.    All I’ve been doing are the daily missions, and I also tried a “One-shot” mission to take out Mr. Hyde.    He had taken over the Bronx Zoo, turned all the animals into reptilian abominations, and I had to take him out.

The game irritates the hell out of me with the number of different currencies involved.   I gave up trying to figure it out.    So I ignore the credits completely, pick up eternity splinters in the hopes of eventual additional heroes, and sell equipment that I pick up (mostly accidentally) to the vendors to increase their levels.   Why I want to increase their levels, I don’t know, it’s probably part of the opaque crafting system.

The most valuable thing in the game is…. inventory space.   Nothing can get you more space for free.   Pretty stupid if you ask me.   This, plus the literally broken crafting that I’ve seen, has made me ignore most of the items.

What’s interesting are the various ways the heroes fight.    Hulk knocks his way through all of his enemies and smash things to bits.   Captain America (aka, Frisbee) has a thrown attack and behaves like a classic tank.    And I get hints about the other characters from seeing people in game and watching how they behave……. it all looks kind of cool, in small doses.   So I’m enjoying the whole thing.

It’s Steam Summer Sale time as I’m sure you all know.    So I’m clogging my Steam library with more games that I don’t have a lot of time to play.   Never did I imagine myself one of those helpless consumers, buying things that are on sale and never using them…… and yet, here I am.    My Steam library now numbers 103 games.

The hunt of finding fun things, for the lowest possible price, is a real rush after spending so many years a slave to buying at whatever Electronics Boutiques price was.    Once it’s in my library, it’s mine forever – moving from computer to computer.    So I guess I’m getting some good value about it, just don’t tell my wife how much I’ve spent in the last few days.