It was going to happen at 5 am, Saturday morning.    The shards were supposed to make one of their final jumps.    5 pm Saturday is the final jump, I’m told.

Me, of course, I fell asleep at 9 pm.    This is my new Ingress schedule, I sleep early and wake up at 4 am.    Today, I woke up to see what happened.

A big group of SCV and Burbank/Glendale Resistance agents went out to defend the shard portal.    It was absolutely necessary.    A huge (8! ) group of shards are out on one of the Channel Islands, and could easily be scored by the Enlightened.

The shards, at 5 am on Saturday

The shards, at 5 am on Saturday

On the left is Santa Rosa island, a relatively big one of the Channel islands.   The shards – Ie, hockey pucks – are there at the moment and can move somewhere around 5 pm tonight.

A tiny little spit of land to the east of the visible islands above is Anacapa island.   I’m told all the shards were there last night.    The shards were on Anacapa at some point, but defense came from Santa Rosa last night.

The Glendale team were right on top of the “Antique Hay Baler” portal and battling it out over the course of the night, while the SCV folks headed to Port Hueneme.    Why port Hueneme ?    Because someone was a very good intel agent, and got people into the right spots.

So follow me here.   Resistance agents on top of the shards at Santa Rosa Island.    Other agents in Port Hueneme.    And it turns out, that PH – SRI – Hawaii is a perfect blocking link.    I can’t screenshot it, but look it up if you’d like.   The link passed just to the south of the shard portal.

So the action was, wait for the right moment, and the Glendale team blew the portal area all clear of links.    Then, the Port Hueneme team cleared lanes, and an SCV agent threw a link from PH to Hawaii – about 2,400 miles – which blocked the shard from moving.    And the greenies did not have time to react; how could they ?   The anchors of the block are in Hawaii, and one of dozens of coastal California cities.

I do not have the full story (Will update the post if I get more), but a large group of Resistance agents were defending, hanging out on the beach of Santa Monica and fighting over the Big Project portal, which is the goal.     As I sit and refresh my intel map, the portal changes hands constantly, even now.

Apparently, the SCV crew did the final block.    Around about 5 am, they established the final blocking link, which kept the greenies from linking the island to the Big Project, and the shards jumped off Anacapa island and over to the east.

The key blocker is that little green portal on the beach.

Santa Monica around 6 am.

Crossing the world.   Thousands of miles.     Hundreds of people.     And six folks kept the shards out, and kept the score from changing.

"Why yes, we are badasses" is on their lips.

“Why yes, we are badasses” is on their lips.

Now, the question is, will the score stay at 6-3.    Even better, can the Resistance score today and even it up a bit ?    Or will the Enlightened push these things in, and turn the game into a blowout ?

And the tactical situation at the moment.    No long distance RES blocks possible.

And the tactical situation at the moment. No long distance RES blocks possible.

But a local block ?    From Santa Monica.   Oh yeah.   Very possible.