I definitely didn’t expect this.

It’s a typical Ingress work day.     Head out for lunch and hit a few portals.   Field or kill fields.     And I knock down a level 3 players cute little portal.

Now, this guy had a bunch of level 1 resonators on a portal the other day.    And I took a nearby portal with heavy weapons, without paying any attention, and I cleared all of his resos off of it.   I claimed it with a level 8 resonator and kind of chuckled – “collateral damage”.    I saw him trying to take both of these portals back, with little success, then I find myself driving up to the same one again.

The guy had made it a campfire.   All the resos just stacked right on top of the portal, level 1’s and 2’s.    Can’t resist that, so I took it.   He had put two green shields on it, so low level weapons didn’t immediately clear it.    Brought out the Level 8 bursters and poof it’s gone.

Then this.

Nasty but not unusual.

Nasty but not unusual.

Yeah, this kind of stupid happens a lot in the gaming world.   This is a bit different though – you actually meet the people you’re playing with in this game.    There is certainly the threat of angry confrontation.     Violence ?    Doubtful, but perhaps.    Much more likely is making a homeboy angry for invading his real life turf to capture game portals, but still.

Oh, so it's like that then ?    Don't feed the troll.

Oh, so it’s like that then ? Don’t feed the troll.

I didn’t message him again.    Most likely, he’s 11 and being a stupid kid.    Just in case he’s a maladjusted 35 year old, I reported him to Niantic.   They have a form for this stuff and supposedly will take action on it – who knows if that’s true.

I shared the messages in the hangouts.   Wow.   What a response.   The SFV lit up with people talking back to him, and also filing reports.    I hope the guy finds himself banned and thinks about how to behave after that.

I also got an email with sensible advice, and very nice offers to help me ingame.

Please contact your local police or law enforcement for further assistance if you feel you are in danger.

Thank you for contacting us about this issue – we’ve received your report. Please be assured that we investigate all reports, but we can’t discuss actions taken on other agents. We will reach out to you if we need any further information.

If you no longer wish to see COMM messages from the Agent you’re reporting, you may block agents from communicating with you via your Scanner:

  1. Open Comm in your Scanner.
  2. Touch and hold on the Agent’s codename you want to block.
  3. Touch Block agent in COMM > Confirm > OK.

If it would make you feel more comfortable, we can change your codename without any impact to your progress. We can also change your faction or close your current account so you can start playing with a new email address. If you would like to take one of these options, please reply to this email and let us know.

Now it’s one thing to promise, and another to deliver, but Niantic gets high marks from me for all of this.   I think they’re well aware that someday, someone, is going to get beat up (or worse) over a portal.   So they’re mitigating the problems as well as can be expected.

The Enlightened fought back in Burbank today.

Downtown Burbank & Hills, 6 pm

Downtown Burbank & Hills, 6 pm

I tried to refield the Hills area but ran into a little death threat problem over lunch.   I was going to retry when I left the office, but blocking links had been established, so I just went home.   In the time that took, we have agents working on refielding which is perfect.

But they’re clearly working on fielding outside of this area of interest as well, which is hard for me to care too much about.   I’m not that mobile – this is the area I want to see fielded.    Which doesn’t mean I’m not popping up elsewhere in LA  / California, just that this is my home turf.

Death threats or no.    OK, non-serious-death threats or no.