I’ve decided to deliberately slow down my Ingress play, rather than play “Obsess-gress”.    It’s easy to see how this game could take over your entire life.    And as I reflected on the previous few days, I was certainly letting it.    So instead, I’m trying to remember to play the game as time permits – rather than do real life activities as time permits.   It doesn’t hurt that the busy season at work is on us, and I’ve got plenty of things to worry about there.

Highly unfielded

Weds Early Evening.  Highly unfielded

Lots of opportunities to score out here, assuming you can get out.   I am headed out transporting kids, so we’ll see if I can accomplish a few things here.

Blue dominated.... or is it ?

Burbank.   Blue dominated…. or is it ?

I think the Enlightened players are focusing their efforts on areas other than the Hills and Downtown Burbank.    The blue crew there is pretty strong – if the greenies simply work on other areas they can score better.    That would be fine with me, although both myself and the greenies are probing each other with attacks.

Workday mornings for Ingress are no more, given that I’m also now on drop off duty for summer school.    It looks like much lighter Ingressing for the time being.  And that’s fine – I’m still pretty sure the key is to keep playing, a little, for ever in order to win it all for your team.