It was a bit discouraging waking up this morning.    The Megafield over Sierra Highway was gone, but so were the links I wanted to connect up.    And then, I saw a golden opportunity to use my couple of Ingressing hours.

There's only a couple of portals in the way.   And I wanted to kill them anyway.

There’s only a couple of portals in the way. And I wanted to kill them anyway.

In area this is a very big field.    Zoom the intel map out to see the SCV and the SFV, and you can pick this out clearly.   In population it’s not – sparsely populated hills and canyons, hitting the top of the city of Santa Clarita.     But, it would also block my rival agent who keeps throwing links into the Angeles Forest, which has to be a good thing.

And so I head out, and buy gas.    The plan is to kill the blocking portals, make the link, then collect keys for the time I have available.   As the gas is pumping, I give a heads up to the other agents in the area – Hey, I’m going to kill Sierra Highway portals.    And then to my horror, seconds afterwards, somebody started knocking down the green portals, and *making links* from them.

I probably should have stayed calmer – it turns out that the link he threw was northward, and it didn’t block anything.    I couldn’t tell that while “in the field” though.   We met up, he killed the link he threw after all, and we rechecked to see if my megalink would still pass.    And it did.    My new record field is 5,941 MU’s.    I *think* this was also my longest link at 9 km (5.5 miles).   I owe you a Jarvis virus, or a beer, fellow agent !

Not content to sit on a single field, I next set out to narrow down the base of that huge triangle.    All other Resistance agents are going to have a hard time linking up to this thing, since it’s so long.    So I managed to cut it down a certain amount, fill in additional fields, and throw links as far as I could manage along the 14 freeway.    As the day progressed, the bottom of the triangle is well filled in.

Much more nicely filled in now.

Much more nicely filled in now.

The only question remaining is, how long will the field stay up ?    My rival the green agent is expected to knock it down.

This really shows what a team game this is.    One agent captured the northernmost portal and threw down a bunch of links, mostly just to block.     The enemy killed all but two links.    This left me a very large field to fill up.    And the third agent stopped what he was doing to let me make the field.     At post time, the field is still up, which makes it about 12 hours alive.

But in other news, a shard is apparently now in Venice, right next to the goal.   Six shards have scored for the Enlightened.    But thankfully – three have also scored for the Resistance !    At least our side isn’t getting shut out anymore – I’m hoping the team is making it a real game now.