June 10th, 2015.    The green agents build a megafield, and I knock the thing down.     Given that I’m driving around, I’m not totally clear on all my intel.    One of the things I missed was, the agent recreated the field within perhaps 10 minutes.     Much smaller – not crossing the populated areas of Santa Clarita.    But it’s still up.

Then, I find out how the shard game goes to 50% complete.     Apparently the Resistance, and the Enlightened, switch goals.    Just like a real hockey game.    And the Enlightened own Santa Monica and the goal, and have apparently slipped in three goals.    Resistance is still at zero, while Enlightened are at 5 goals.    How disappointing, but then again, I’m not involved in the whole thing at all.

Resistance has the portal at the moment.   See all the green scores?

Resistance has the portal at the moment. See all the green scores?

Then, it gets even worse.     That rotten agent !   He snuck back into the Saugus / Canyon Country area and reestablished maybe 75% of his megafield.    Now, of course, it’s a layered field – so it’s probably bigger than he originally had (22,600 if you’re keeping score) .    Argh !

So I got to sleep under a noxious green cloud of shaper fumes overnight.    I could feel the mind control trying to take hold.    “Come on…. we’re here to help……”.    But alas, I could do little to take down the megafield.

That is a very large field.

That is a very large field.

Unfortunately…… none of the rest of the team could go after it either.      So at noon I finally managed to get out of the house, and reestablish the single layer field.

Just 3 anchors now.

Just 3 anchors now.

No other way to spin this – that agent and his helpers outfoxed the SCV resistance.     He’s scored over maybe 3 checkpoints with his layers, and closing in on 5 with the single layer.    So much for my excitement at the water tower yesterday.    I barely dented his operation.   However, eventually the field went down – 2:30 this afternoon.

Combine this all with the shard game, and I feel very defeated today.

Thankfully, though, tomorrow is another day !