With a day off of work, I decided to roll across the SCV and make fields.

The Mom Can Cook plaza.   I'm sure it has an official name but I don't know it.

The Mom Can Cook plaza. I’m sure it has an official name but I don’t know it.

After linking this area and making some nice fields, I headed off to Saugus to fill things out.    I had 9 keys to two different parks; why not find a way to use the ridiculous things ?    One park I could never use because it’s always owned by the Enlightened ; the other park gets blocked and unusable for one portal, because all the links are to the second one.     But operation Saugus was a big success.

Made most of the fields shown in the screenshot.

Made most of the fields shown in the screenshot.

As I was finishing up the last ones, what happens but a green agent starts to attack at the Mom Can Cook plaza.    That was a little annoying, but it’s understandable.    But nothing prevents *me* from going to the portals after he leaves.    So I monitored the chat and kept Ingressing, moving in that direction.    The plan was to head up Sierra Highway and harass the Enlightened stronghold up along there.

It should be noted – remember, agents.   Be nice to each other.    Even if you figure out exactly where someone is, you might not want to drive into the same area at the exact same time.    It’ll happen accidentally.    And following other people is a big no-no.    It’s obvious stuff, unless you get carried away.

The agent took the entire plaza and disappeared.    OK – two can play that game.   So I began to take out the plaza when I noticed his direction of travel – right over to the Saugus northern hills where I was previously fielding.    Is he going to undo all my hard work ?

It sure seemed so.   Down went one portal, which irritated me.    I feel like the maid – can’t things stay cleaned up, for just 10 minutes ?     Turned out, that was a big mistake on his part – motivating me to come after him.    As I continued to retake Mom Can Cook, I was so close to throwing a link just a little bit north.     But I didn’t get a chance.

Suddenly the op is becoming clearer.   The green agent just threw a gigantic long link, from northern Saugus to deep in the Angeles national forest – he’s trying to make a megafield !

Top left to bottom right.   This is about 15 miles to drive.

Top left to bottom right. This is about 15 miles to drive.

That did it.    One green portal I left alone – the Water Tower in Saugus.   I didn’t want to hike up the big hill to it.    And now this agent stood on that spot and linked a gigantic link, which would certainly make a big field.    After wrecking the only links that would block him.

(you can see how long the other link is on the right)

Now I headed back up the roads towards Saugus, with the Mission Impossible theme playing in my head (Dunn Dunn…… Dun dun Dunn Dunnnn).     I am not letting this guy field my house in a megafield if I have “Ingress time” available.   I’m also glad I left the water tower alone – it wouldn’t have stopped him from making his field, but I doubt I’d have climbed this trail twice in one day.

Just as I emerge from a cell phone “dead zone”, I get the message.   Field created, 22600 or so MU’s.    Rats !     He won this round….. but I can get the consolation prize, for sure.     I’m only a few minutes away.

The 90 degree sun beats down upon me, as I hike up the mountain,   feeling like I’m going to need oxygen to get to the top.    At least I had a full bottle of water.     Steep, rain-rutted path is slippery and fills me with fear of falling.    Then I have another thought – what if I get to the top and have no cell reception ?    In all honesty its probably a 100 foot climb, and at the top, I’m rewarded with the key portal.   The view was beautiful, and I’m stupid for not taking a picture.    And I did indeed have cell reception.

Then I have a laugh.   It’s shielded….. but he forgot to charge it while he was here !   50% energy.    It only took two L8 bursters to kill.

Yes !    I killed it.   Only up for a mere 17 minutes.

Yes ! I killed it. Only up for a mere 17 minutes.

He gets the credit for the field, and the MU’s – but it doesn’t survive long enough for a checkpoint.    And I’m done ingressing, and head off to behave normally again.

The postscript is, as I take the screenshot above, I realize he recreated the field for a smaller gain, but that will have to be someone else’s problem.    The gigantic green link cutting the SCV in half is gone anyway.