Graduations.    Flu Bugs.   Doctors visits.    Family visitors.   Auditors.     Car accident (minor).   Java upgrades.    Regular work.   It’s been a zoo, which has left me with no blog posts.

It feels like the situation a secret agent might find himself in, when keeping his cover is imperative but so is his job.     The job takes a back seat for awhile until the cover can be re-established.   At least, this is what I tell myself for fun.

So I offer an update in the few minutes I have available on a Saturday morning.

Canyon Country, 9 AM Saturday

Canyon Country, 9 AM Saturday

Still heavily blue, but the Sierra Highway crew of Enlightened are challenging Resistance for the Whites Canyon Road area.    If I get out of the house I’ll have to help out a bit with this one.

Downtown Burbank, 9 AM Saturday

Downtown Burbank, 9 AM Saturday

Friday was a sudden battle in otherwise quiet Downtown, which stayed completely blue for most of the week.    Enlightened have been pretty active, but I’m not too concerned.   We turned it almost all blue, between the usual players and a few I hadn’t seen before.   It’ll be interesting to see what happens before Monday morning, when I expect to be there early.

I’m having fun building stats up, as well as trying to keep the world blue.   Closing in on level 10, which is no longer nearly as interesting as my stats.

  • Unique Hacks : 996.    There’s gotta be a few more out there I can hit, probably in Santa Clarita today.
  • Resonators deployed : over 5,000
  • XM recharged : A smidge under 15 million.
  • Links created : Over 1,200.

I spotted an agent again.    There’s a church that I never see anybody in, other than on the usual hours of Sunday morning – and obviously I don’t go there, when that’s true.   And as I pull into the parking lot a very suspicious car is pulling out – pulling out, in only the way that Ingress players do.

I pulled in, parked, and realized that was a specific agent.     I made a mental note of exactly what his truck looked like, and then he helped me out.    As he was sitting there I blew all the resonators on the portal, and he redeployed a couple !   Bingo.    You are made.     He took off, even though he had to see me waving at him, or standing behind the truck looking his way.

We traded friendly chat in comms.    Hopefully next time I can shake his hand at least, that part of the game is kind of fun.    But “making” an enemy agent is an amazing feeling, even if he’s a little less experienced than I am.    Ingress paranoia is real; I see too many agents that aren’t there.   But they are out there playing, and spotting one for real is quite the rush.     I suppose what I need to practice is, spotting people without them spotting me, although I was obviously spotted as well this time.

By the way, I make it a habit not to refer to any specific agent by name on the blog.    You may have noticed my identity is pretty private here, even though I’m now very tied to a geographic area.   I extend the same courtesy to all of you, assuming that identity and privacy are important things.   That said – feel free to holler at me and I’ll trumpet your name to the millions of readers of this blog.

For the first time in months, the Enlightened are leading in the global score.    This is motivating – I really want to get out and field.    But, the usual “problem” of having a loving family etc will probably keep me away from that.   This is a good problem to have.   But I can guarantee I’ll be out there doing a few things at least…..