Work training is finished.   (It was even valuable!).   I walked up and down the mean streets of Echo Park a couple more times, made some nice interlocking fields, until I saw something extremely disturbing.

I was doing the Ingress walk.     There’s two portals close to each other, and you can’t get a key unless you have none.    You also have to wait five minutes between hacks.   This encourages you to walk back and forth to acquire enough keys to have one for recharging, along with enough to make links and fields.     So I was doing this between three portals.

As I get back into the car, I see a couple of home boys down the street near a bus stop.    The last thing I want to do is make assumptions, but I also don’t want to get beat up.    Shaved heads, wife beaters and athletic shorts.   These guys were talking really loudly to each other and making gestures my way.   And the one guy says “He’s walking around like he OWNS the place”.

That was it for me and Echo Park.   I am not going to get beat up or robbed for this game.    Combine that with the filthy streets, strewn with garbage and dog shit, and the bums getting sick all over the sidewalk, and the locals can have this area.     I was figuring I was pretty safe at 12 noon !

I got in the car and drove right past them, as I struggled to get turned around and head back to Dodger Stadium.    They got quiet, which is hopefully a good thing, and just let me drive away.   Still, it doesn’t pay to take chances.

However, now I’m down and out with the brutal cold that’s going around.    I just woke up from around 24 hours of sleeping (with a few Dad breaks, dealing with sick children) and I’m still half dead.    At least I’m not so wiped out I can’t sit at the computer.

I got my first comment from someone I met in the game – seems that with me spreading around the blog in the Ingress community, people are reading.     Cool.    I don’t care who’s reading this, ENL or RES, the purpose of the blog is to share the ingame experiences and document them for posterity.

Which reminds me.    You may remember Jeruwaho from when I was back playing Everquest 2.    I spotted him in the game and said hi – he picked Enlightened.    I wonder if there are more of you that I know of out there, from outside Ingress.    But it does seem to be guaranteed that I’ll find myself meeting more of you.