Here’s a guy who is a 4×4 type of enthusiast.   He has a satellite modem, a well equipped offroading truck, and he uses it to capture portals which are beyond the reach of the cell phone system.

His video skills are not slick and polished, but talk about giving me a slice of life !    It’s incredible the lengths this guy went to, to capture these portals.

In the meantime, my portal capturing was in Echo Park this morning.   I walked Sunset Blvd and linked a bunch of stuff to the training center I’ve been at the past two days.

Somebody even linked to the top of my fielding efforts.

Somebody even linked to the top of my fielding efforts.

Possibly time for one more try tomorrow morning then it’s local agents problem to keep things up (or not).    I’m not 100% sure, as I’m not feeling all that well.

Extreme Paranoia Moment

I put out a call on the comms.    “I’ve got some time.   There are two hugely long links ending off the 14 freeway.   Are they still up ?”

“Doc, they’re still up.    (Links to intel map were provided)”

I found myself getting directed to a park, and then a gazebo, and wrecking the portals.   One was a campfire, making killing it extra easy, while the other was shielded with one item only.

As I sat there finishing up, I was in Ingress operative mode.   Phone plugged into the car charger.   The car is parked right next to the portal, engine running, since I wanted the phone to charge.     And after a few minutes someone else pulls up, and parks right in front of me.

Is that – an enemy operative ?     Giggling, I hopped out of the car and took a look at who was in the other car, and got no reaction.    I typed madly into the phone, communicating with the rest of our areas agents, and got lots of feedback.   Then, the lady in the car gestures towards me.

“Why hello ma’am.    Do you know what THIS is ?”    I hold up my phone with Ingress running on it.    I am rewarded with a completely blank look, and the certain knowledge that this lady is not an Enlightened agent.

Hopefully now, I’ve learned my lesson.     No, the random people you are seeing are not agents.     I’m not that good at spotting them – unless they’re stealing my keys, or I’ve previously been told what they look like.    Smarter to assume that no one else out there is trying to undo my work.

Killing those links should make whatever the greens are planning to do much harder.   Here’s hoping.    At the moment I think they’re blocking the shards from reaching Santa Monica, but they could be upping the ante and trying to create a megafield.