Operation Lombardi Ranch was a simple, big success.

I count 8,430 MU protected.

I count 8,430 MU protected.

By the time I got home tonight one field was down, but it’s the 507 MU field.    The rest are still standing strong.

Big ole fields

Big ole fields

Operation Work Training is less successful.   There are two portals in the parking lot of the facility, and nothing you can walk to easily.    Dodger stadium is pretty inacessible, and it looked closed and unfriendly at 7 am.    So I went into Echo Park instead.

This is definitely a seedy neighborhood, but it was full of portals and overwhelmingly Resistance.   I captured a few, hacked a bunch, and got 20 minutes of Ingress walking in over the lunch break.

The bad news is, this is a very involved and active training.    There will be no goofing off instead of listening.   At least it’s mildly interesting, and relevant to my job, so I can’t overly complain.    The kicker – There’s no phone signal inside the building.

I’m surprised that no one (that I can find) made a picture or a video showing “What the hell are you doing ?” like I’ve experienced.    Non-players watching me play Ingress give a lot of suspicious looks, or worse, they know me and look at me like I’m crazy.    The search for such a video or image produced a few videos that I liked.

Dogs of Ingress – The maker wanted to fuse Watchdogs and Ingress, but it gives a great feeling of what it’s like to play the game.

Always Eric Fullerton – This guy apparently started about a month before I did, and makes lots of videos.   It’s entertaining to watch other people playing and learning about the game.    He does a great job presenting a “slice of life” for an Ingress player.    The video below was a pretty good one.