Didn’t Ingress much today, just got out of the house for a little bit.    It was worth it though – I managed to make a new record sized control field (5,038 MU) over Saugus/Canyon Country.

When I started playing Ingress, I was extremely frustrated.    It was only luck that got me past the first hurdles and more into the game.     But it turns out that Niantic / Google has produced very high quality video guides to the game.

I’m not a big video watching person.    But most people are.    These would be very helpful for anyone trying to get started and figure out the game.

Beginner’s guide to Ingress – I would have benefitted from watching this first, before playing more of the game.

A Better Beginner’s guide – Ah.   I love that first woman’s voice, she sounds Scottish.    I think this is older than the first one.

Me, I’ll again share what I think every new agent needs to know.

  1. Join the Resistance!
  2. You must go to the portals you’ve looked up on the Ingress Intel map.   Ignore any advice about wandering around until you find one.
  3. Do not play while the car is moving, and learn just how the speedlock feature works.   The game is best played walking, but you can only walk so far.
  4. Make links.   You get good AP for that.
  5. Make control fields.   Smallest is best, actually, until you’re level 8.    Fields generate tons of AP.
  6. Hack everything.    Hack all the time.    There’s no such thing as too much equipment.
  7. Make contact with the other agents.
  8. Accept help.   People really do just want to help you.   It’s a team game.   By the same token, feel free to help others out.