This is not a post/claim made lightly, but boy I am a different person since I started playing Ingress.

  • I have been a homebody my entire life.   I never want to leave the house.   Why would I ?   That’s where the computer is.    Today, I find myself running around out and about as much as possible, because I want to Ingress, which also results in getting things done.    Verdict : Positive Change
  • I have been a night owl my entire life.   Staying up until 12:00 am and gaming is nothing.   The question is, will I sleep at 1 am or nearer to 3 am ?    And then crawl out of bed miserable at 6:30 am and rush off to work, to arrive late anyway ?    Lately I am sleeping at the unheard of hours of 10 pm, give or take 30 minutes.   I awaken excited to go out Ingressing, leave the house before dawn, and arriving at work early.    Verdict : Positive Change.
  • My life consists of sitting on my butt, most of the time.   Work is at a desk, and gaming is at a desk.   With Ingress, you have to move around, and the best movement in the game is walking.   It even tracks how much you’ve walked, and I’m around 200km.   That’s about 160 miles.    Exercise is always a good thing.   Verdict : Positive Change.
  • My work ethic is suffering.    I have always been a “get going, charge hard, and do things” kind of worker, and I’ve built a pretty nice career.    Now, I take long lunches, lots of breaks, and find myself hacking portals from my office chair.   The GPS, when it’s spotty, will bounce me around Downtown Burbank giving me access to a lot of in game items, even while I’m at work.   Not good.   Verdict : Negative Change
  • City Domination was best played in the car, even while driving.   I got pretty good at it, from a safety perspective, but I know that’s not a good justification.   It’s still distracted driving.    Meanwhile, Ingress cannot be played in the car – the game detects your speed and stops working, and the portals and things just fly by too fast even if it was working, most of the time.    You CAN manage to recharge portals if you stop on the freeway – and I do mean, stop.   Well, that or go 10 mph.     So the traffic allows some gaming but very, very little.    Verdict : Positive Change
  • I’ve mentioned I drink a lot of coke, right ?    Well – not lately.    In fact, I’m drinking a lot of water, since I’m getting out during the day.   The Daystar – it makes you thirsty.    You do not crave soda, just hydration.     A useful thing, when your lifestyle in the past has turned you away from water, and you simply drink too much soda.   Verdict : Positive Change
  • Automobiles are not free.    Driving around to portals burns gas, wears out the car, and costs money.   Lots of money.   Wouldn’t I be better off cost wise sitting in the house ?   Never going out unless I had to is a mixed blessing.    Verdict : Negative change.

I suppose this can be summed up as a pretty good lifestyle change, other than the potential for getting fired.    I am six months away from my 50th birthday.    I never thought I’d get off the computer, and suddenly, here I am.