Ingress is a game that promotes paranoia.   What do I mean by that ?

I’m in an office building, which sits catty corner from another one.     I see some player drop keys in the game, from the other office building.    Since there’s an enemy player taking portals right next to me, clearly, this is the guy.    The enemy is dropping keys.

This is a key, laying on the (virtual) ground.

This is a key, laying on the (virtual) ground.   It’s a yellow rod with a purple “cockpit” in the front.

The reason you drop keys, usually, is because you want to acquire more of them.   If I hack portal ABC, I can get a key.   If I hack it a second time, the game looks to see if I’m holding a key, and if I am, I will not get another key for the portal.    Strange mechanic, but that’s the way the game is played.

You get around this by dropping your keys, hacking the portal, then picking them up again.   Unless…..

Well, since it’s an enemy player I immediately picked them up.    I stole his virtual keys.    That’ll make it harder for you to link anything !  Cackling with glee, I then hustled over to the window and carefully scanned the building.   Is this guy walking around outside ?

I scrutinized every person out there on their phone.    “Is that….. THE ENEMY ?”    I do this naturally as well, anyone walking and pecking away at their phone prompts the question in my mind, is he playing Ingress.    It’s a strange feeling.     A complete enveloping of paranoia is what it is, and often wrong.

I spotted a young man in a ball cap glued to his phone, who hopped into his car and walked away.   That’s him, I thought.    Then the enemy took game actions again, and I realized I was wrong – Final answer is he was probably inside the other office building, somewhere.

Later in the day, the paranoia finally paid off.    I walked the streets of Burbank, and to acquire more keys, I dropped three of them near a portal.   Suddenly, they started….. DISAPPEARING.    My head popped up from the phone and I scanned the sidewalk.

Based on the way the guy was walking (glued to his phone), the game lag, and the direction of travel, this time I’m sure I spotted an enemy agent.     I’m going to call out to him if I ever see him again, a young fellow, not an old bastard like me.

I wonder if the demographics of the game are very young, or what.    So far it seems a mix of everyone which is kind of interesting, based on the people in the Resistance Hangout and the two real-life spottings that I’ve had.

The other problem I have is familiar to any MMO player.    I’m out of inventory space.

Maximum space, 2000

Maximum space, 2000

I’ve recycled all my Level 1 and Level 2 resonators (used to claim empty portals) and bursters (used to destroy enemy resonators/mods).    All the keys for areas I’m not interested in are gone.    I just have tons of stuff, but not that much ability to go out and use it.    As it is, I spend a ton of time on this game, and yet I have so much stuff I can’t use it all.

Perhaps it’s as simple as I should meet up with another player and donate some stuff to them.