The battle for Burbank over the past week has been a matter of constructing a careful spiderweb of links across the entire Downtown area – what I used to know as the Golden Mall, from around Olive to Magnolia, and up from 1st street to Glenoaks.     Every link, and every control field, will offer the same amount of AP’s.    The advantage to this seems to be like an actual spiderweb – you might punch a hole in it but it’s hard to knock down completely.

I’ll spend a significant amount of time making this whole thing, in pursuit of both AP (read : XP) and some level 8 greens (or multiple people) will go through in 15 minutes and wipe half, 3/4, or the whole thing out, presumably with level 8 weapons.    At the moment, I’ve assisted in covering half of downtown, with the only question being what it will look like on Monday morning.

It’s great to see an area like that that I’m concentrating on; and suddenly, another agent will make some fields or take other actions that hit the scanner.   The scanner has a communications feature where you can broadcast messages, and all link creations and control fields show up as well.    We’re all part of the same team, covering each other, and hopefully the entire area against alien attack.

I also get a sense of where big battles are being fought, based on the fields being created and destroyed in the Comms, and that is the LA Zoo area (which seems to have a ton of portals), and the Disney Studios lot (again, tons of portals).    Kind of funny to think that Disney employees, on both sides of the action, are duking it out against one another.    It sure isn’t the general public, because the studio lots are closed to them.

Then there’s Canyon Country.    Two agents – or one guy with two phones, I can’t decide which – are greening a large area including the canyon with Freedom’s Way.    I plan to be ready to build up the portal this weekend, by grabbing various keys for the creation of large fields across the mountains and a large populated area.    When I have enough keys, I can build up Freedoms Way again, then create several fields for many points.   I’ve not yet been able to make another field larger than 2.2k.

Most of Canyon Country stayed blue all week, with some fighting between agents, but it’s a much slower pace than the bloody streets of Downtown Burbank.    Resistance should capture a key portal in the middle of the mountains – Bear Divide Picnic area.   The greens had used that as an anchor to make tons of fields.

This sure is fun.     Readers, give it a try, and remember to pick Resistance.