Picture the area I live in.     One road up to a hilltop, through a first canyon;  and one more road through a second canyon.   Both roads roughly parallel one another.   I headed over to the second canyon for some Ingress captures – there were four portals I could grab.

I really wanted the Freedom’s Way portal.    Neat name right ?   This is some kind of a small church in a mini-mall.   Keeping Freedom’s Way would allow me to link portals across canyons, and build large fields to protect the population.   Three portals around the local Elks lodge (across the street) completed the picture.  So I conquered Freedom’s Way, linked up the fields, and left the area.

Then the phone starts buzzing, while I’m at home sitting at my desk.   Freedom’s Way is under attack.   What now ! ?    I have been told it’s pretty impossible to defend in Ingress, but I’m determined to try.    I do not want to lose this portal, and leave the area in between un-fielded.

The attacker takes out one resonator, but gives up fairly quickly.     I recharged the portal a couple of times and felt satisfied.    Losing one resonator keeps me from linking the portal more, but any established links stay active.   Time goes by.  Nearly time to hit the sack for the night.   BUZZZZ !   BUZZZZ !    The portal was again under attack.    I was quick, and saved all the resonators.    No soup for you, greenie.

Off to work the next day, and I had a decent day along with some lunchtime Ingressing.   As I’m driving home – BUZZZ!    Once again, the same guy is attacking Freedom’s Way.    I’ve mentioned the anti-freeway rule about Ingress right ?    Well here I am cruising down the 5 freeway, finding my portal under attack, and trying to figure out what to do about it.    No, I did NOT want to give it up.

There was an exit nearby, and I pulled off the freeway.    A place to park took a few blocks to find.   Counted to ten – since the freeway rule takes a bit to stop being enforced – and called up the portal.

I watched resonator #7 disappear right before my eyes, leaving me with a lone level 5 resonator on the portal.    Recharge !    I hit it a couple of times and waited.

Next was the cat and mouse game.     The cat (attacking greenie) would hit the portal, and I (the mouse) would recharge if I was getting a full use of the recharge feature.    When will he give up ?    I was wondering, and I’m sure so was he.    Four additional attacks were prosecuted at different times that evening.     He used different frequencies of attacking, but none were successful.    It was very tense, and very fun.    Between picking up XM via the environment, and energy cubes, my only concern was getting the phone in my hand in time, and recharging effectively.    Cyberspace gaming happened while I cooked dinner and got camping gear ready.

8:00 pm.   Seems he’s given up for the night.    But I have errands to run, and I need to protect the portal.    Freedom’s Way must be saved !     So I headed over to the area again – it’s a bit of a drive, but worth it – and laid down new resonators along with protective gear.

While I’m here, I figured I’d hit the local Elks lodge portals again.  I took two – the other one was well defended.   But I got Greenie’s attention, and  as I’m driving again he reappeared in the area.   I think he lives in some apartments right on this canyon.   He retook both Elks portals.   Strangely, I was not able to get a key from either one and so I couldn’t defend them remotely anyway.

He attacked Freedom’s Way one last time, but it was well defended.   I didn’t even need to recharge it.    The fields were secure.    Freedom’s Way is mine.

You may take my portals, but you'll never take my.....

You may take my portals, but you’ll never take my…..

Epilogue – Just as I get back home, a key portal goes down to another enemy, and all my fields were taken down.    You’re only as strong as your weakest link, I guess.