The City is now dominated.   Burbank is 100% under my gang’s dominion.

After tweaking my commute once again, I was able to cover the entire Burbank airport and surrounding area.   Lunchtime jaunts across town also allowed me to finish up the flatlands area and beat the bot gangs into submission.     Now it’s a matter of filling the town up for defense – 200 men are possible in each square.   A lot of them currently have a bare 15.

It was nice to have an excuse to cover the town and see the areas where I grew up.   So many memories.   And it’s all enabled by a location-based smartphone game.

You can kind of get the idea from the screenshot, but unfortunately, the game does not load all the areas past a certain zoom level, and Burbank is bigger than that level.

2015-03-27 02.04.58

The only area I don’t have is that small grey blob which belongs to Monolicious, a member of Harvesters of Sorrow.    And that’s fine.

The game now becomes a matter of Santa Clarita errands, long distance travel – ie, off the commuted path – and taking random drives to dump my men.   I’m not sure how long that will stay interesting but we’ll see.