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GAME 1 : Xenonauts

Xenonauts game continues and has reached February 1980.     I have several countries at maximum funding, along with four bases each having four interception aircraft.

I decided to add another dropship, so I bought a Charlie and enough recruits in North America to crew it up.    They do not have good gear, given that everything I’m making takes forever and goes to the African crew; but they were started on moving up the ladder in ranks and abilities.

Then the Terror mission hit me in Panama City.

Thanks to being on easy mode and having the ability to save and reload, I managed to get through this one after perhaps a dozen false starts.     Go one way, and the Reapers eat your squad and wipe you out.    Maybe I should go this way instead ?    Reapers wipe me out.    Let’s head down the center instead.    Sebilisians shoot us to death, leaving the last two guys cowering under cover – where the Reapers found them and ate them.

I finally got a decent start and managed to lose a single squaddie – only the third guy killed in the game.    Matt Damon sprinted through the streets of Panama to spot the Lizards and take one out.    As he slipped the full auto clip for his rifle to “on”, he spotted a second Lizard and his anxiety increased; he ran past the bastard as he emptied his clip into the beastie, dropping it with a death rattle.

The second Lizard he’d spotted was taken down by his squadmates as the covered him.   Squatting down, he barely has time to react before finding out there were three Lizards standing next to each other, as the survivor clips him and he knows no more.

The survivors managed to slowly work their way across the map and wipe out the aliens.

Getting to this point took almost a week.    I was frustrated enough that I found myself playing additional games instead.

GAME 2 : World of Tanks

You don’t HAVE to play the game like a completely obsessed ADHD-driven teenager with Aspbergers.  (But it does help…..)     Instead, taking advantage of the new log in and get credits feature (50,000 per day!) makes me happy to move forward towards the usual holding amount of 8 million credits (just 400,000 to go), and I get in a match or three before logging off.

The M3 Stuart from China is now elited and also my best “Spotter” having gotten two games in a row with the special medal.

GAME 3 : Spore

Spore got a bad rap when it came out.     The game’s team didn’t manage gamers expectations very well and led the rabid-fan segment to believe there’d be much more to the game.   The truncated release version spurred tons of “But you promised!” comments.   Add in nasty DRM with a splash of EA-hating, and people just didn’t like this title at all.

I played a complete game again over the last few days.     Other than getting it confirmed to me that yes, the Galactic Adventures Add-on sucks, I completely enjoyed the game once again.

Now, EA is not yet done having problems with this title.   My username, for whatever reason, could not log in to the game’s servers.    Surprisingly, creating a new one was a matter of filling out the web form – no need to tie a key in to EA’s servers, probably because this title is so old – and I’m up and running again.  All my creatures are still sitting on one of my PC’s, but really, I don’t care that much, to find them and reintegrate them into the game.    The only nagging problem here is those achievements don’t mean much given this being the fourth time I’ve reset them.

But it’s a lot of fund to play through all the stages.   Even though the details are very wrong, I love playing the story of Evolution, and on towards a simple yet engaging future of space exploration.    Will Wright’s last game remains bittersweet.

“GAME” 4 : Steam

Having raced tanks to the top of my charts in World of Tanks, naturally I end up doing the same thing with Steam.    I keep buying $3 games and trying out other things, but I’ve moved Spore into my top ten games played which it deserves, and keep trying out whatever is fun (Carmageddon) and what isn’t (Age of Wonders III).

We may soon have three Steam accounts in the house – Dad, Son, Daughter.    My daughter is making videos with Garry’s Mod, which at the moment consist of slide shows set to music.   She’s doing a good job with them, and she’s trying to figure out how to animate characters and what not.   I haven’t looked at this stuff at all however.    Then my son is fascinated with Beam.NRG Drive and can’t wait until it comes out.    I’m thinking that each of them should have separate accounts instead of sharing one, even if they have to share a computer at the moment.   I don’t know.     I don’t have to decide until Beam.NRG Drive is available for purchase at least.

And for the moment, Dad’s still working on his Steam Game Backlog.