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When there’s a lack of things to post about, then, well, I guess I don’t post.

I should have something to write about City Domination sometime soon.   I don’t want to commemorate again “I’m going to do XYZ”, rather, I’ll commemorate actual accomplishments.

Marvel Heroes is not bloggable at this stage.    It’s childishly easy.   Literally.   I turned my 11-year-old son loose on it and he didn’t get killed either.    So the question is, when will Captain America make 60; we’ll find out when it happens.    At that point I think I might want to move the difficulty level up.

Xenonauts is not particularly bloggable.    I’ve moved along in my Easy Game #2, and have yet to lose a single soldier.     (I guess I have learned a few things).   Three bases are established with possibly a fourth one coming soon.    Each of the three has a minimum of three foxtrot interceptors, which are catching most of the UFO’s which appear.

And that’s what’s going on, pretty much.