Well, that didn’t take long.     I gave up on my Xenonauts game.

I established three bases on the world : North America, Europe, and Indochina.     The aliens decided to attack a vulnerable base (Europe), at which I had built no facilities for defense.    No missile facility.   No soldiers for defense.    So they destroyed it and with it went my hopes for finishing the game.   Well, plenty of lessons learned there.

Three bases may have been too many.    I was also holding on to a lot of money, and fat lot of good that did me – for a few hundred thousand I could have defended the base.    But the idea of trying to dig out of that whole didn’t appeal to me at all.

So I started a second game immediately.    This time, I built a base in the Sudan, and a second base at roughly Shanghai.    Both these bases should pretty much cover pieces of all continents except America, especially once multiple radar bases are established.

Having re-learned the squad tactics necessary in the game, I’ve managed to play for three game weeks – and eight alien crash site investigations – without getting anyone killed.    Research is going along well, and I’m already producing Jackal armor.     Let’s see how Game #2 comes out.