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Over the past week it’s been all about Steam games, with some World of Tanks thrown in.    After installing about two dozen games I’ve managed to enter and play a few of them.

  • Banished is an interesting game.   It’s very slow paced – you want to carefully balance town services, foresting, food production, and population growth.     So slow paced I’m not sure I want to wait that long to see if I succeed, which is unexpected since I’m a slow paced kind of guy.   I find myself still playing up Stebbingdon, but at 10x speed.   Currently sitting at 130 population with a stable base for additional population.
  • Carmageddon has been updated with a career mode and engine optimization.   The game is a lot of fun to play at this point.
  • Flatout 3 is the last of the excellent value Flatout games that I’ve yet to play very far through.   I might not play much though – the career mode seems lacking, and the Steam achievements don’t make up for it.
  • Spore is getting playtime again, with my first world entering civilization stage.     However, my old login did not work and it’s apparently a known issue.    In Gamespeak, this means it’s a bug that’s never getting fixed.   So all the crazy creatures my kids created over the years are gone (well, sitting on the old PC in the other room) as I build up yet another login for the game.
  • I went ahead and bought Xenonauts on a 50% off sale day.    After playing through one alien landing and ground action, I think it’s an awesome successor to X-Com.    I’ll have to keep going and see if that holds up.
  • I am not impressed with Age of Wonders III, but neither have I really tried to play it.   I got in, and back out.

Now Marvel Heroes is an interesting MMO concept.     While I recall the odd post about it in the blogosphere (nothing specific), I come in knowing almost nothing about the game.

First point – it’s pretty free, it seems.    There is an in game currency (credits), an in-game premium currency (Forgot the name), and RMT currency (G, as in “Gees”).     You can play one of the starting heroes for free, but after one, it will cost you to unlock more heroes.   Then again, you can use the ??? to unlock heroes.

What I’m unsure of is if I need to both unlock heroes, and un-level-cap them.    If it costs $5 – $10 to add a hero to your account, I can see myself doing that – I want to play as the Hulk.   For the moment, I’ve decided to play Captain America through.

Your team window, and being inside of the Avenger's Tower.

Your team window, and being inside of the Avenger’s Tower.

They have an interesting concept with the heroes though.   You can play a large selection of them up to level 10, and I’ve done just that.      Once they hit level 10, you can only keep one leveling up, so I’m told.

The fights are fun.    Captain America is an ass-kicker.

The fights are fun. Captain America is an ass-kicker.