World of Tanks milestones for the week include :

Unlocking the Cromwell.    The Crusader is definitely a fun little tank, but the medium Cromwell is supposed to be a beast.     I’m waiting for the sale that lets me buy this guy.

Unlocking the VK 30.01D.   This is the “new” medium stuck into the tree before the 30.02D.    I might not bother to buy this thing, and instead free XP all the modules – just like I did long ago with the PZ III/IV which I eventually bought and drove just for this purpose.

Unlocking the Archer.     I really like my British Valentine and expect to keep playing it.    While it’s no fun when you’re fighting Tier VI’s with it that just destroy you, against Tier V’s I’m useful and I’m a god against Tier IV’s.     Whenever I’m interested, I can now work on the 2nd set of British TD’s.

Running the “Party Prep” missions.    That was a simple, silly, and fun set of missions that I was glad to play through.    Got a fair amount of XP, 300 gold and a premium day, and enjoyed the whole thing completely.

Buying many Tier IV and below tanks, including the B1, AMX 105 AM, and others that I really don’t remember.    Got the SU-122A as well, but this one has a large crew and so I chose to only buy the tank and wait for a crew training special.     Alas, this weekend is 50% off gold training which I don’t want to spring for – I want credit training only.

I now find myself with a large stable of tanks that I’ve bought and never even driven.    The collector impulse, apparently, is very strong.    Nor do I really want to start with most of them – I’m more interested in “Project 30” to get every tank I’ve driven up to 30 matches.    You see, after the first match, the tanks appear on the list, so for whatever reason I enjoy the idea of working them up all at once.

The weekend special is mostly about 3x crew XP which supports that idea – just drive your elited tanks, or ones which you want to improve the crew in.    The number of tanks I have that I’m still wanting to work up to 100% is really high, along with my GW Panther which is **this close** to having Sixth Sense, and the MT-25 who’s halfway to the LTTB but with one 99% repairs crewman.    Add in the desire to stockpile credits and it’s a no grind weekend.