The Glen-Mar liquor store has been there for many years.    In previous incarnations it was a hardware store and a restaurant, but today it’s a liquor store.    So it has a lot of shady looking characters coming in and out of it – thirsty kids, lots of men, delivery drivers, and City Domination players.

Wait, what ?

A convenient attack point

A convenient attack point

Many of Amahoser’s last squares in Burbank were near this store, so I’ve taken to heading over here as I work on cleaning up his last areas.      Unfortunately for me, these are also highly populated headquarters squares with many men.    Some of them had only the minimum 500 defense and these were easy to take out, but two had a full 2000 men defending them.     Populations varied among the rest.

The gameplay consists of a few different variations.

  1. Drive into Burbank as part of my commute.   Park here, and use up all of my men reducing and conquering the area.     Rally every square, and take a few of his men away for use in attacking the rest.    And collect the missions for a final swing at the bat.
  2. For a variation on #1, just drive in along the freeway past Amahoser.   Hit him with what I’m carrying.   But I can’t reach all of the squares that way.
  3. Collect missions, rallies, etc wherever during breaks in the workday.     Drive on over to Glen-Mar and beat on the enemy.    Rinse and repeat until all men have been collected and used.    This leads to me driving, for example, up and down Glenoaks Blvd, each time moving farther as I eat up the missions waiting for collection.

I’m getting looks from people, which feels a bit weird.     “What is that guy doing here, again ?”     I can imagine trying to explain it.    But I do get a certain feeling like a bagman for a drug dealer or something must feel – get the stuff, and drop it off.    And watch out for the cops you smartphone-using-while-driving scofflaw.

At the current rate I should be finished with this phase – The Last Squares – sometime next week.

Seven to go.

Seven to go.

I’ve been fortunate to welcome another gang merging into the Dark Burbank nation, putting us firmly in #1 for LA county and pushing us up to #9 nationally.     They had a bunch of squares in Covina, a city east of Los Angeles but still part of Southern California, where I want to concentrate my efforts.    Harvesters of Sorrow, aka Pezzonovante, remains independent but that’s OK.    We get along well.

The weekend should see some additional grabbing of squares in the San Fernando Valley.   I’ll have three hours to kill, and run rallies and missions with.

One of the fun things about this game is that the gameplay is very fresh and unique.    I am definitely playing a video game.    But I’m not sitting in an office, I’m driving around (unsafely), or I pull the phone out depending on where my life takes me in Meatspace.    Anyplace I’ve not fully conquered, and I’ve got a minute, means time to pull out the phone.

Contrast this with your typical PC game.     When it’s time for games, I retreat to the office/computer room and start playing.    And when it’s not time, I turn it off.    This is not how it works with City Domination – it’s always time to play, the only question is the appropriateness of shooting virtual gangsters depending on my Real World activities.

Or, oddly enough, in any area you’ve spent significant time and no one is opposing you, you ignore the game.   Anyplace near my house is all mine, and I don’t have much of the game to do there.   But when I head for Dodger Stadium next, you can bet I’ll be trying to conquer then.

Browsing the map and looking at other gangs territories, you can see I’m not alone in this.    Their areas center on freeways.    Because we all sit, bored, in our cars in traffic and wait for our turn to move next; which eventually graduates to slow speed gaming as you look for the next square.

When Android Car, or whatever it is, really catches on I will be very curious to see how gaming gets intergrated.   It will be – probably not officially, but I’m sure apps will pop up.     Might be something along these lines.