City Domination is partially a game of taking territory – or even, mostly.     This can consist of both taking squares away from bot players and human beings, and also of reinforcing and maxxing their defense.     But neither of these activites get you good points on the leaderboards.

It turns out that I was mistaken about “$” missions.   Despite the unhelpful text which mentions that your income will go up by “a little bit”, you income can increase 10x over the course of running several of these on a square.    So I began to de-emphasize getting the 5X missions going (which reward a ton of men and money) and instead to run the $’s.    Each of them complete within no more than two hours, and the results so far are pretty nice.

Suddenly, #1 in LA

Suddenly, #1 in LA

Just 11 left.  But mostly Headquarters.

Just 11 left, Burbank squares for Amahoser. But mostly Headquarters.

So now it’s a question of seeing how high I can get the gang up the leaderboard; talking HoS into joining my gang, which would put us into the top 10 nationally; and wiping out these last squares, to set up completely covering Burbank in these iron crosses.