It looks like I’m pretty much done buying “stuff” for World of Tanks.     I bought for the Chinese sale, and the Japanese sale won’t happen.   I have no other tanks unlocked on those two lines.

All silver is GONE

All silver is GONE

Every tank I own has three pieces of equipment thanks to the latest 50% off sale.    I own a lot of nation’s tanks now and will grind them up when appropriate.    And I still have 9 empty slots.   Yes, I am clearly an inveterate collector of tanks.

Tanks include : Chi-Nu for Japan.    Starting to become more fun, its a paper medium that’s not fast and not slow.    M5A1 for China.     I’ve played this one before, just want to unlock the next tank.    France is the AC 46 still, and I bought the Duck (AMX 40).

Britain :

  • AT2 and the Churchill Gun Carrier.   The GC will probably get light play, because I’m afraid people are right that it sucks, and I’d rather unlock the AT7 the standard way.
  • Bishop.    Seems like an interesting little arty.    It’s range depends greatly at the moment on it’s elevation, but not all equipment is unlocked.
  • Crusader – 10k away from Cromwell, and lots of fun.
  • Churchill VII.   No matches yet.

Soviets :

  • SU-14-2.    Very narrow arc like the S-51, so I’m back to that nail biting “hold the shot” play.
  • ST-I.     What a joy to play, bounces a lot of stuff and pens most everything.
  • MT-25.    Powersliding scout, this is no doubt my favorite T6 scout over the Chaffee.   I want to try the LTTB.
  • TD’s SU-152 and SU 100M1.   No matches yet.

Germans :

  • PZ III/IV.   Need to unlock the 30.01D.    I wish I had never skipped this tank with free XP, but you do things when you’re a noob I guess.
  • PZ SFL IVC.     Take the glass cannon that is the Marder and make it even more visible.    Not liking it much so far.
  • E-75.   She’s a beast and a total joy to play.

Americans :

  • T21.   M103.   T20.   T25AT.   All the same tanks, nothing got purchased here.

And the end remains in sight for the “370 match” goals.shot_033


They’re a good trio, the Tet, M6, and the Easy 8.     A speedy glass cannon, a “No Flank” heavy, and a slow medium.    This helps support what’s obviously next for me – play enough to accumulate credits.    I seem to say this a lot, then not necessarily do it.    Well, it’s all about how determined I am to play my Tier IX’s, and I’m not that determined to do so.

With premium, I find I usually make money with a Tier IX.    But if you don’t, it’s a big 20k credit hit or something.    So I have a long way to go to pile up millions of credits again.