I was out of ability to play more City Domination, not being able to drive around and having exhausted the area I was sitting in.    And for no particular reason, I reloaded up War Worlds to see if it still existed.

Turns out developer Dean decided to keep the game going, and he’s made some absolutely critical improvements.

I never understood what the use of this screen was.   But look at that new checkbox !

I never understood what the use of this screen was. But look at that new checkbox !

Now, you can actually see what star systems aren’t “doing anything” and can get to work on building ships or whatnot.

My To-Do list

My To-Do list

It’s only 99.9% perfect – those first five stars are “10 food” systems where nothing can be built without starving the populace.     So now I’m working on the “J’s” and giving all my systems orders again.

And they fixed my number one complaint with the game.

No more 5,000 queue limit!

No more 5,000 queue limit!

The limit is now 50,000.     Trying to time each system to complete in around 90 days, I am only hitting a few that I might want to try two sets of 50,000.    So you can get the housekeeping out of the way a lot quicker, versus adding 12 5,000 ship items to the queues.

It seems Dean listened to me and my request.   Cool.

There’s not much changed in the greater game, I’m still #6 worldwide and part of the Dominion alliance.    I have a new neighbor with a wormhole at my southwest corner, but it’s hard to be worried about it.    Instead, the only question I really have is how long I’ll keep playing this, and will I reach 10 million population.

The new bug is with the starmap.     Big chunks of it might be missing when you scroll in and out, requiring a restart which should bring you the area of interest.

I have some fun things going on in World of Tanks as well.

Do you see them ?

Do you see them ?

Two things of note here.     #1, is I am now a Chinese Tank Master, having killed a 121 at long last.     And #2 is I blew all my credits again, currently holding a mere 110k.    Tanks on sale and equipment sales meant it was time to go on a buying spree.   I’m still hoping to finish equipping my SU-152 with Vents and a Rammer (550,000 credits on sale), which will give all my tanks all the equipment I could desire.    Sale ends on Sunday so it’s not too likely, but you have to shoot for something.

Tonight continues the 3x crew XP event, as I continue to run my tanks for grinding matches.    My M6 is becoming a fearsome beast with the crew’s skills increasing so much; the Easy 8 is an excellent support tank; and the Tetrarch is great for seal clubbing.    They’re all three approaching the 370 matches desired which would finally complete that goal – pushing the 4502B off my most played list.

I’m looking forward to just playing elited tanks more because I’m in the mood, or whatever, rather than grinding them.   Grinding should really fall to the many tanks I am playing for XP (E-75, The Toaster, PZ III/IV, MT-25, et cetera ad naseum)