To win the war, you must take away the enemies will to fight.   Truer words were never spoken.

Discouraged by the loss of most of Burbank, I continued to fight against Amahoser as Doc Burbank of the Dark Burbank Nation (gang),  and I take the same squares over and over from him.    He upped the ante, and did both: take anything from me, which I had taken from him; and continued to expand across the town.     Seems however, that I’ve done something right – he hasn’t logged in for an entire week, and I’m hopeful that he’s quit the game.

Still lots of blue.   But lots of orange now too.

Still lots of blue. But lots of orange now too.

This has completely refreshed my motivation, and I find myself farming the men as fast as I can get them.     “Five” missions are a good bet, as is driving across Amahoser’s territory and rallying the men.    Now that he’s no longer repopulating his squares, that’s particularly effective – taking his men away from him, to be used to attack his remaining men.

The plan is to box off a square around his headquarters area for future destruction.     The freeway is the first priority, since I like having the connected territory with the rest of the I-5 freeway, up into Santa Clarita.    Second priority is “The Hills” of Burbank, northeast of the freeway.    After that I’ll try to clean up in “The Flatlands” and remove all of his territories.

Of course, the real life actions here are a bit strange.    I step back for a moment and think about what I’m doing, and it gives me pause.    Every lunch break is a drive across town to play the game.     Driving into Burbank means many detours now, just to hit him again or farm men.   I feel a feral hatred for this punk Amahoser – refusing all communication and accommodation, he simply decides he’s going to take me out.     He could have succeeded.

Probably, he asked himself a similar question and decided not to continue sucking up all of his time.  It might have helped that I got a tablet, and used that when possible to bring two accounts to the attack.   But my readers should know I’m psychotic about Burbank.    Of all the things to never challenge me on, this would be it.    So there’s little doubt that I’ll continue to claim the city, come what may.

The enemy could decide to come back, nothing is sure.    If he does I hope he’ll find himself covered with my territory, instead of his blue.

My commute is now completely covered by my squares, and I couldn’t get any more territory if I tried.     Commuting is once again pretty boring, but safer, given that I’m not poking on my phone as I drive.     And Santa Clarita continues to be conquered, little by little.

Monolicious, the other guy in Burbank, has also quit playing, while a new guy (who constantly changes his names) is in Pacoima.    As is usual in City Domination, he doesn’t want to be part of my gang, but he is expanding and I think we have an understanding – I’ll leave Pacoima alone and he’ll leave the freeway alone.     Harvesters of Sorrow, still holding the top spot in LA County, are not a concern and I’m friendly with their leader.

It’s the savage excitement of taking territory that keeps me playing this game.